COMPLETE MELTDOWN! R Kelly Absolutely Loses It! The Bigger Truth Here!

In this video, we give you the latest news on the complete and absolute meltdown that R Kelly had on television with Gayle King.

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  • Sam Sam

    2 women wrote a book and promoted it on Megyn Kelly’s show..And 1 of them was 27 and a mother of three. I mean he’s sick and grosse but there are DEFINETLY some of them lying. The Savages are shady , the mother of one of the real victims called a few of the liars out

  • Nate Moore

    Reminds me so much of Trump . F$&ckin a porn star wile his baby mamma at home pregnant . Comes out at debates “ NOBODY respects woman more than I do !” Lol

  • Mr Bojangles

    Something is very wrong with the msm when this guy still gets airtime. Yet another example of why they are known as the enemy of the people. They shill me2 and victimization while at the same time glorify predators.

  • Truth Network

    Look lets also try hear his side of things. I’m not supporting no one by the way but we all very well know that artist assassination happens all the time in Hollywood. Propaganda doesn’t only happen in politics however the 13yr old video is still unexplainable

  • Anthony Maliszewski

    There is no reason a predator like this would be free without the exceptions we make as a society towards Sex kitten programming. Shit is ridiculous…

  • MaximvsDread

    Oh yeah so Cosby allegedly serves up a couple ruffycoladas and he’s a bad guy buy this scumbag wants a pass.

  • Dan Smith

    What I see here is a man with too much money and a lot of mental illness combined with a lack of education. I’m not defending this guy at all. What he did is pretty damn bad. It’s obvious though that he has a bad combination of mental illness and too much money. It looks to me like he really and truly believes he hasn’t done anything wrong. I don’t know if it’s possible to treat predators like him, but what I see in this video, and in the comment section are responses that are typical for right wingers. It’s disturbing to me to see that here.

  • Bob Smithers

    Is that Danny Glover Character, in
    “The Color Purple” ???
    Dah slaff masaah ?
    He was Evviiil !
    So is Rotton Kelly.

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