Is Morality Cool & Relevant in the 21st Century? – David Whitehead Vlog

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  • Shamanot Urdiculous

    I love your idealism but I just believe the world is a much darker place
    than you think. The people perpetuating this mess are quite like the mafia.
    I blame compartmentalism. Now days with the corporate model people don’t
    actually know what kind of disastrous end game they perpetuate. It’s often
    not until years after working in something does a person find out what kind
    of horrible things he/she might be part of. Most of the worst things being
    done on this planet right now are being done by compartmentalized people
    that are being exploited for their ignorance. I have found the more I know
    and find out in the world the more of a liability I become. Unfortunately,
    crime pays better than anything else on the planet. Compartmentalization is
    like being involved in a crime without feeling the guilt. In other words
    you can feel/act in a moral way without knowing you are killing an innocent
    person. I used to work in healthcare as a nurse and I saw a lot of this…

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