Lord Christopher Monckton: “There Is NO DOUBT About What We Have FOUND!”

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Man made climate change is a hoax being perpetuated for the purpose of conditioning the world into accepting a New World Order, One World Government. The idea that CO2 has more of an effect on the earth than the sun itself is absurd yet more and more people seem to be swallowing the lie hook line and sinker! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Lord Christopher Monckton about his latest attempts at countering the propaganda and reversing the trend with sound and solid evidence in the form of a documented report debunking the now infamous theory of global warming.

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  • Happy Gopher

    It’s the money. About 3 years ago a gentleman came out (I don’t remember his name) and was saying how everybody that was saying we needed climate control to reduce global warming all the mainstream scientist that agreed with that got funding to pursue it when they knew it was a lie but it was the only way they could make money was to lie all the scientist that disagreed did not get the funding or the grants so they lost all their money this is Ben b******* from the get-go. …late…

  • bogen broom

    How can there be ‘Global Warming ‘ ?…..because the Earth is Flat and Motionless. ….maybe they should have called it ‘Flat Earth Warming ‘ .
    Watch- ‘200 proofs…..by Eric Dubay . and many others who have a ton of Evidence of the Flat and Motionless Earth..

  • John Bailey

    Are you sure there made the mistake by accident? The probably left out the fact that climate naturally changes, also if there is not hundreds or even thousand’s of years of documented proof of, how, and why climate has changed over those years, the best that anyone can do is make an educated guess as to what the expected out come could/ should be, and even then it is all still spiculation, a much closer speculation/ guess, but a guess all the same. And when there are some that stand to gain, be it in the form of power, control, in the way of jobs, money, control over other people, etc. Then there needs to be some sort of safe guards in place, whats to say all the chemicals that have been sprayed from planes, things (that anyone didn’t personally load and stayed for every step) shot into space that are declared by known not so trust worthy people/ entities etc. And admittedly it may seem far fetched, but with what is stood to be gained by some and actions already proven can any one be 100% sure of anything when dealing with those who openly are a part of secret anything?

  • Jocelyne Vienneau


  • Canadian Prepper

    Dont be fooled by the officiating english accent, the guys a charlatan. Potholer54 (Youtuber) has completed exposed everything this guy says. Pressing for truth is one thing but agreeing with everything he says is another story.

  • morton prack

    Plants like CO2, you people have a huge disconnect with reality. Be outraged about the pollution of water tables by big-agri and the meat industry, the fracking and the poisoning of our people en masse via the pharmaceutical industry etc etc. Check your numbers fool.

  • Seal-ed

    I wasn’t aware the Brits had cowboys with titles of nobility. Tea and crumpets round the campfire, anyone?

  • Benny Harriston

    nothing like a brit with a cowboy hat…lol….and i have to give the old guy credit………..he is persistant………..hats off to you mr monckton……but..my only Lord is of heaven…and when the ice melts in the cup….does the cup over fill……….the almanac….predicts every 7 years………..and farmers almanac…science got alot better….and …and now we know how tides work

  • DJ 2011

    Climate change a hoax, according to aristocrat with ties to the oil industry. Trust big oil, it has only interest in truth and science. Your lords have your freedom at heart.

  • J. S.

    DJT’s first action was to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. Very smart man. Most Americans knew it was a tax scam and wealth transfer from the U.S. into the hands of global criminal organized crime.

  • DJ 2011

    Aw, his lordship doesn’t get paid. What a trooper. He’s such a man of the people. Love the unaware irony of him babbling about “the oligarchs” as if he’s not one himself.

  • Need for Truth Joan of Ark

    What a farce the earth does what it normally does it’s them geoengineering our planet with spraying poison of aluminium and all the other chemicals that’s keeping the heat in warming our oceans and as for HAARP they have shredded our ozone layer and now allowing more uv rays in burning up trees plants animals and us when are this idiots scientists ever going to learn that global manipulation of our weather is bloody hurting our atmosphere and changing our weather there the ones to blame STOP ALL GEOENGINEERING NOW I DO NOT CONSENT AND I AM HOLDING THEM RESPONSIBLE FOR THE KILLING OF US AND THIS PLANET. sickening


    Hooray for Mr. Monckton! (we have only 1 Lord in the USA) He knows his subject more than any 10 ‘environmentalists’ combined. Funny, he looks more like Lavoy Finicum than an English Lord, hehe. Godspeed!

  • TheConspiracy Realist

    The main reason to blame Mankind for global warming is to divert attention away from the Geoengineering taking place overhead on a continual basis so that people who even notice the Chemtrails will chalk it up to the government trying to save mankind from global warming..

    Geoengineering has been on the Things TO Do boards of the Military to control the weather since the 1940s. They predicted they would be able to control the weather by 2025. My feeling us that they are way ahead of schedule, and have been playing God with the weather since the early 2000’s. And yes, Katrina and Sandy would fall under those auspices, and the government does not want a rebellion on their hands if it turns out that they have been causing death and destruction worldwide with their madmen goal of weather control and manipulation that they have been seeking, and probably doing for the last quarter of a century.

  • FourJamLions

    Either there is too much Co2 (bullshit), or as they say now… “There ain’t enuff Co2 for beer and crumpets”. 😀 😀

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