Suicides in Alberta, Canada up 30% Due to Cheap Oil & Collapsing Economy?

In this video Walter of discusses the 30% rise in suicide rate in Alberta, Canada, why this may be happening and what is means for all Canadians. He also discusses possible solutions to the problems we all face.

Alberta suicide rate up 30 per cent

Alberta’s Suicide Rates Are Up 30 Percent Amid Oil Patch Crisis

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  • loudwaters9

    Mans lack of knowledge about himself leads to misconceptions that project
    illusions that he thinks are real. This world promotes escapism, lies and
    broad assumptions, and in this world priests abuse children they should
    protect, lawyers lie and sell short their clients they represent, and
    bankers feed like parasites on the energy of gullible customers. Its a
    plastic world, and it is being shaped by those who care about only
    themselves. If that is true, then what kind of world will it be?

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