Josh Sigurdson talks with candidate for governor of Texas, Kory Watkins.
Kory Watkins is one of the men behind the Texas Freedom Grounds, is a vocal open carry activist and may be remembered for sitting behind the plate at a Major League Baseball game with a “taxation is theft” shirt on.
Kory says his major focus in running for governor of Texas is “love, freedom and innovation.” He’s running on a voluntaryist platform of gun rights, cannabis freedom and putting an end to the massive taxation so many Texans face.
As people are so divided on either side of the argument, he hopes to bring people together and bring dialogue rather than fighting.
Kory Watkins has proven himself to be a doer, someone who is willing to put everything else aside to help individuals in need of help. He’s been helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and surrounding areas with the Liberty Coalition For Disaster Relief. He took time off of work to go bring supplies, food, water and all sorts of other necessities to those affected. He also went on several $500 shopping sprees with families forced from their homes by the flooding. Filling up many shopping carts and bringing in $10,000 in donations through the Liberty Coalition For Disaster Relief, this has led to an easing of tensions among many who had their lives torn apart.
The Liberty Coalition gives people another option to help those affected by disasters instead of resorting to the Red Cross which often doesn’t get money to where it’s supposed to be allocated.
This is the kind of inspirational action that people need to acknowledge. In a voluntaryist society, people much more efficiently help their fellow man. Helping others is something humanity’s all about and government stealing money from people and monopolizing industries is not “helping” people.
Kory also goes into the off grid work he’s doing with Texas Freedom Grounds where people live and promote self sustainability and the prepping attitude that more people need to have as the world is shaken by more uncertainty every single day.

You can see Kory’s campaign website here:

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Kory Watkins
Josh Sigurdson

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