New Study PROVES Fluoride Is Poisoning Children! – Media FORCED To Vindicate Us!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the most recent study to prove fluoride lowers the IQ in children.
Over the years, we at WAM have provided boat loads of evidence regarding the hazards of hydrofluosilicic acid (or industrial fluoride), a by product of aluminium and phosphate mining and smelting.
From lowering the IQ in children according to countless university studies to causing cancer according to the 34 year National Cancer Institute veteran Dr. Dean Burk PHD.
Fluoride is forced medication as the government claims it is to help poor children with cavities. Meanwhile, it’s just toxic waste that aluminium companies make deals with the state to dump in the water to their profit. People need hazmat suits to deal with fluoride.
In reality it doesn’t actually help stop cavities according to countless studies done over the past 100 years throughout the world.
Even if you spend hundreds of dollars on a fluoride filter which only take 95% of fluoride out of the water, you still end up contaminated with fluoride from taking a shower or bath.
Considering it’s the combination of government and corporation as well as forced medication, it’s literal fascism.
In 2013 WAM put forward a cease and desist against the City of Winnipeg regarding the fluoridation of the tap water. The city laughed it off. The media laughed us off and mocked us saying we had no evidence despite giving them vast amounts of studies and scientific papers.
Well the media isn’t laughing anymore as most mainstream media outlets this past week have been forced to admit fluoride hurts the development of children’s brains. It significantly reduces IQ in children. This is according to studies done by Harvard, University of Toronto and McGill.
The study’s lead investigator, Dr. Howard Hu says that this study appears to prove that there are significant health risks in lower doses of fluoridation.
Interestingly, government tends to claim official parts per million in the water supply by using the lowest measurement they can find.
This study is yet another important example of the dangers of fluoride to add to a long list.

Meanwhile, recently Todd McDougall of Winnipeg Alternative Media and Trevor Adams of Fluoride Free Winnipeg issued a human rights complaint to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission regarding fluoride, only to be written back by the commission claiming it didn’t qualify as a legitimate human rights concern.

Well of course! It is government after all! Let’s be real folks, the government isn’t going to solve the problems of government. We have to educate and stand up as individuals against this poisonous practice!
The government still claims asbestos is safe in the United States despite public knowledge of asbestos being quite different after decades of ailments. Let’s ensure that public demand takes down hydrofluosilicic acid once and for all!

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • Nikki

    Eff ya buddy you tell them. When i tell my friends and family these things they think i am on glue. It is sickening how brainwashed people are. Thank you for all you do buddy i will continue to share your videos and spreading the word in hopes of waking the masses up with you. Love and Light to all

  • BiddieTube

    I think I have one answer why asbestos is not considered toxic by the government (I never knew this until watch this video, thanks), in lake Michigan, on Chicago’s north end, some corporations has asbestos waste, a real lot of it, tons, tons, a lot of tons. They were next to lake Michigan,.. and someone got a bright idea. That bright idea was discovered many years ago by divers, I do believe, and was reported to epa, and actually was covered by msm, just a little though. There are drinking water intakes all along the shore of lake Michigan, and that asbestos enters a lot of them since it has been migrating along the shores for many years. There still is a huge massive pile of it in the original location, but, yagh, that would mean maybe one less cheap bomb “THEY” would have if THEY cleaned it up. When anything like this is cleaned up, it is always charged to the taxpayers as increased taxes instead of charging the companies that are polluting. In the end, they do not want to clean it up, all tax money received goes to things that make “THEY” rich, and that’s that!

  • Lili Robin

    I distill my water and what is left is disgusting, glad I don’t consume it. Try to take cold showers to avoid absorption thru your skin. I add an 1/8 teaspoon borax to a quart of water and drink it thru the day to chelate metals, I do it about two days a week. Fluoride is not a medicine but a metal, it ruins you pineal gland. Good health to all. Love your channel, thanks Josh.

  • Terry Calderwood

    Thank you for the video. And the craziest part about all this is simply…Don’t put it in the water. A solution that costs NOTHING, and probably saves money.

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