Wikileaks, Vault 7, The CIA And The Point Everyone Is Missing!

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth brings up the one thing no one seems to be talking about in regards to the Wikileaks vault 7 release. Support us on Patreon ➜

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  • Lindyworld

    So this piece seems to suggest that Wikileaks is part of the CIA and is complicit in trickling information in a gradual way to get the public to accept it in small doses until we are totally enslaved. I can’t say I swallow that one. Assange is certainly dedicated if this is the case; going into asylum for years on end? It doesn’t add up. Anyone care to enlighten me on this one? I truly want to understand.

  • Denver Dubtle

    You forgot to include the link of the video you made asking people how much info they would reveal to the CIA/NSA.

  • atripa645

    They are not just spying, they are actively attacking citizens around the world know as TIs. Trust me, I am one. They are systematically ruining lives, keeping us from working so we can’t support ourselves. That’s after they are able to separate you from friends and family. They use informants and willing citizens to harass you and much more. I swear to you Dan. I have been a truther/thinker for along time. I know how to program works and it’s full of the most evil people on the planet. Next time you hear about tin foil hats Dan there’s a reason it’s a “conspiracy” meme. They are using EMF as a weapon on people 24 /7. I hear people in the truth movement making fun of people using the tin foil hat meme and think to myself if they only knew what these thugs are really up to. Slow Murder- Soft Kill

  • atripa645

    Type in ‘targeted individuals’ in YT a you get thousands of results. Search this week even. Are all these people just nutcases???NO! They are being covertly destroyed by the deep state. And wikileaks is releasing hacking tools. Give me a fucking break.

  • BiddieTube

    Everybody who uses cellphones, and other internet connected portable devices, are knowingly and willingly enslaving themselves and the next generation.

  • Matthew Martin

    all I hear about is how “the nwo is done ” bcuz of Donald trump. as a bible believing Christian I know that it’s still gonna get a lot worse

  • 46magars

    American people are so comfortable with their intelectual poor life,that don’t see the truth. Not this one about spying ,neither the invasion of Muslims to accomplish the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda.. They spy on schools employee,journalists,all of us,but no strong reaction from the public,because the conformity is destroying the spirit.

  • coojsta69

    do a video on America’s zionist foreign policy with the middle east and the kalergi plan in Europe. both are linked in my opinion

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