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In ep 03 of Truth Warrior I open with a personal story that I have not told many people about how I was jumped by a gang of 6 and was nearly killed. Martial arts saved my life.
I then discuss popular culture and how young people need to be taught philosophy and a code of ethics. I break down the various warrior codes of ethics from the ancient past and how they can help you achieve the life you want.
I move into sharing some current ideas on how the human brain is NOT a computer, nor is the human body. I get into AI, the rate of technology and its implications, and how to stay grounded, motivated, and focused in a crazy world.
Next I go into some success secrets, and share my personal opinions on some political and social issues, and finish with an argument against psychological determinism (fatalism) and establish the case that we indeed have free will to choose our destiny and are not merely governed by antecedent forces infringing upon us.

Hope it helps! – David Whitehead


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