Saudi Arabia To ALLOW Women To Drive – But NOT Have An Opinion

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent announcement by Saudi King Salmon on state run television that under a new decree, women will soon be allowed to drive in the country.
For years, women have been treated like dogs in Saudi Arabia and no one seems to blink an eye. In fact, if someone went on television or wrote to a newspaper criticizing the Saudi government’s refusal to allow women to drive, they’ve in many cases been imprisoned like Waleed Abu al-Khair who is currently serving a 15 year prison sentence for just that.
Now that Saudi Arabia has allowed women to get driver licenses, perhaps they will decide to get rid of the curfew placed on women. The male guardianship law which according to Human Rights Watch forces “adult women to obtain permission from a male guardian—usually a husband, father, brother, or son—to travel, marry, or exit prison.”
Perhaps they will get rid of their vague cybercrime laws which punish people for being homosexual.
All the while, Trump and Canada’s Trudeau have signed major arms deals with the country. Hillary Clinton took millions of dollars from the country for her campaign and foundation. The United Nations brought Saudi Arabia in to head their human rights council.
The irony and hypocrisy piles so high that you have to watch the video to get even a minor image of this insanity.

The cult of statism is alive and well as people bow down to these leaders they put on a pedestal as if they have obtained some Godly power and status, giving them the right to collective coerce the masses.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover these issues.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • No Fix

    In past referendums in Saudi Arabia over 80% of the women voted NOT to have the right to drive. The number one reason women gave was that they did not want to lose their chaufeurs. Also, while it is true that the average Western women now sleeps with 8 different men on average in her life, many of these Muslim cultures have resisted this. Muslim cultures are generally highly gynocentric and women are treated like deity. Here in the West sadly, women are “liberated” from morality, kill their babies and are passed around from man to man and many are diseased, have bastard children and fatherless homes, and have fused with and married the government and are no longer even reproducing to sustain the population. The West is dying. Not really a great position from which to criticize or advise.

  • Justin Trudeau Cringe Channel

    It is not a good idea to allow a person wearing full burka. Auto accidents are going to go off the charts. Ahhhh but it’s all for the best I guess!

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