This Is The Blockchain Company The Government DOES NOT Want You To Know About!

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Blockchain technology has revolutionized how we interact with each other and this is only just the beginning! The third wave of the internet is now upon us…the first being domains and email, the second being social media and the third revolutionary wave that is now virtually unstoppable is blockchain technology. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group about HIVE Blockchain, a company which just listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange as the first publicly traded blockchain company involved in mining cryptocurrencies!

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  • Now You Know

    Fear of ledgers! Get a grip and ask yourself some basic questions.
    Control: Is it decentralised?
    Force: Is anyone forced to use it?

  • chuchpyly

    First of all, thank you for bringing to our attention that now blockchain found its way into the stock market. That’s huge. It means we’re passing point of no return. Fiore Corp. Is a real big deal. Thanks guys!

  • Josh Smith

    Dan, I was lucky to find Lior Gantz in January after he did an interview Greg Hunter. Hos newsletter showed me Ethereum, monero and steem… all HUGE winners for me!!! Last week, bought HIVE and alrady doubled. What’s exciting for me was that I was able to buy a 5-figure position and not a small one!! God bless. Lior, great download reports as always.

  • Pearce Fennell

    Just another digital currency, load of bolllox be discerning if you think the fed won’t take it over if it all collapsed your well wrong

  • Darren Swift

    The current global financial dilemma started when men began making money without truly working for it. They scammed money and began dressing in clothing that you couldn’t get dirty. So you’re “mining” cryptocurrencies. Are you going into the Earth in dungarees with a flashlight helmet and breaking a sweat? You’re not mining, you’re scamming. What you do works to your benefit and the detriment of others. It doesn’t permit a fair and livable situation for humankind. Only worthwhile commodities such as foodstuffs, building materials and energy sources can set value. Paper money is the medium of exchange backed by those commodities. It allows for anonymity and equality. To call it fiat currency is slanderous and libelous. What you’re gushing about here would more aptly be called blockheadchain….

  • Jon Scott

    Powers that be will let this roll just like Facistbook, let everyone get it on it & then take control. Truly ushering in the beast system…

  • shawn duncan

    Some people find fault with everything. I see one person that thinks that a publicly traded company is evil. What a fool. These types of people have a general personal problem with money… Probably they think they don’t deserve or that it’s wrong to want it… These will stay poor no matter what. If they win the lottery, they’ll find a way to lose that fortune. I call them “the goners”, they are lost because they equate wealth with the elite. Then, there are those who bet everything on a specific coin or ICO. Also a mistake – too risky. I happen to think that HIVE is a good diversification from crypto investors, because it can grow because of blockchain and not any particular coin. I have downloaded Lior’s report and plan to call the company today for more details. Dan, I command you for going with your resolve on this one, and presenting a legitimate opportunity to us.

  • jmcarp98

    Blockchain is going to enslave humanity. Once we are all on board with it, they will wretch up the controls. Precious metals equal freedom and an even playing field for all. With that said it will be manipulated up to draw in more serfs:)

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