Can We Have A Rational Conversation About The Las Vegas Shooting?

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The city of Las Vegas has been forever changed and the rights and fundamental freedoms of the American people are now weighing in the balances of public opinion. On the evening of Sunday Oct 1st perched high up on the 32nd floor the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock took aim at thousands of innocent lives as they attended a country music concert on the Vegas strip. 58 are now dead with over 515 wounded making this the largest loss of life for a mass shooting in America’s history. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down some of the facts that you won’t be hearing from the mainstream media while constantly pondering the most important question…cui bono?

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  • Dean Roger Ray

    The shooter was a millionair with ties to the deep state. Could he have been a patsy just like the conspiracy theory with the theatre shooting where the shooters father was going to testify against people belonging to the deep state. They show a photo of the guy with the same green hair. This smells of some kind of espionage and cover up. I know also there is not enough to go on just throwing out conspiracy theory.

  • Barbara Mowrey

    I haven’t called my sister yet. She us a C&W singer in Vegas…lives there. Was she there? I don’t want to know yet.

  • Barbara Mowrey

    He would have gotten that gun underground. Clinton knows..BIG BROTHER HAS BEEN WATCHING US SINCE WOODSTOCK AND PROTESTS AT HAIGHT ASHBURY. My ex was a part of the protest., no longer with us. Government wants our guns gone so they can loot and shoot..

  • Molon Labe

    Saw another video posted on twitter by Dan Blizarian or w.e his name is and it clearly showed someone on the around the 6th floor firing an automatic weapon not the 32nd floor and there were 2 windows in 2 ajoining rooms being fired from on the 32nd floor also. They probably killed this old guy first then had a fire team unload out the 3 windows and call it a murder suicide. How the hell is this guy going to get all this shit up there without ringing alarm bells with security.


    They should be digging HUNDREDS of BULLETS out of the pavement.     All it would take with the sound effects is a few plants in the crowd with fake blood and squibs acting and saying they were hit to panic the crowd and cause mass hysteria.

  • Matt Lord

    Hillary was the first to go political about this. Let’s not forget 140,000 innocent civilians we killed in Iraq, just 60,000 short of the last reason they gave after finding no WMDS. So Sadam went to get hanged for killing 60,000 innocent more than we did. Then the aftermath. Millions came.

  • PJ Walker

    It’s to get the guns and ramp up the surveillance state. You will note the “mystery towers” now going into New York. City officials are not allowed to comment. They are Homeland Security state secrets. They look nasty whatever they are, some kind of smart array of spy tech for monitoring all New Yorkers, possible microwave or other type of mind control device? Who knows. I don’t think it is an accident that they are going in now at the same time as Las Vegas. So anyway, now they are saying well you will just have to go through scanners and be searched to go into hotels, malls etc. And we all know how great it is to be groped by the TSA and have your valuables confiscated by low IQ drones oh and that baby formula is obviously a terrorist weapon so drink it down or you don’t come into the hotel….just imagine because whatever you can imagine, they will do it IF we let them do it.

  • Rebel

    Shooting for 30 min from a hotel room seems suspect in the first place as all of the adjacent rooms as well as floors will be alerted from the first shot and call authorities, security etc etc… I would give it a maximum of 10 min, not 30.

  • kingsrecords

    So let me get this straight… They found 23 guns in his hotel and lets say they were just shy of 20lbs a piece. That would be 400+ pounds of guns let alone the ammunition for them. And hes an old man that carried it up lol. Let me guess he got the bus boy to help him carry his awkwardly shaped bag(s) full of metal rifles weighing hundreds of pounds LOL. FUCKING MAJOR LEAGUE BULLSHIT GUYS!!! WOAH THIS IS SOO FUCKING BOGUS LOLOL

  • WorldPeaceMaker2000

    Isis is not Islam..believe Islam like Christianity does not believe in violence…the public has been fooled!!!

  • Barbara Mowrey

    59 have lost their lives now . My sister says at this moment , Steve Paddock had 8 automatic rifals with hundreds of magazines/bullits like a machine gun all lined up in a corner suite with 2 windows and he fired each one off one after the other from the 23d floor. Firing for about 10 minutes. I just copied and pasted what she said. She’s thinking that he may have had a terminal illness. She lives very close to the strip and here’s all of the news and gossip living there all her life or at least 40 years. And a country western singer as well.


    really dude? not all is a false flag. i´am with you in the 9/11 false flag mass murdering , but really this one? come down…

  • Jon Rivera

    Thank God I wasn’t the only one thinking something was up from the get-go. I was at work and heard about it and just somehow knew……it sucks being surrounded by sheep. No one would believe me if I were to express my opinion and ask basic questions about this. So I just keep quiet and observe. Just like when I was in the Army and talked about 9/11. It’s basically a death sentence to speak up about 9/11 in the Army. Like it’s some sort of taboo. It’s sad. It really is sad.

  • William Tolksdorf

    this is a drill by homeland security. wake up. hotel had metal detectors months ago. impossible to bring guns into hotel without being searched. no bullets hit the ground. they had a great sound system to use.

  • Marcello1b

    Will always H.Clinton speak on behalf of democrats? Is she always standing by ethical best opinions?! Or, does she only speaking on behalf of NWO agenda? Could you consider that she wasn’t there after the last Florida’s storm, because she was busy with her books (those that don’t sail)? What purpose is she serving? Leftists?


    What I think may have happened.
    The possible suspect accused of killing all these innocent people, was staying in that floor in that particular room enjoying himself, then the personnel that were given the order to commit such atrocity, needed a vantage point where they could take out as many people as possible before they ran out of time. The possible suspect, was kept hostage or possibly killed when the personnel who were following orders entered his room, did what they had to do, turn around and acted as the response team who first entered the room. The personnel following orders could have been employees of our own government, how can we trust them when there is no transparency. Where they know everything about us without our full consent, but we can’t even ask them to let us know a thing about them. All they do is tell us thing we want to hear so we forget about it or feel satisfied enough to let it go.

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