Meaning Of Life/Responsibility/Justice – Truth Warrior Ep. 04

Have you found your purpose in Life?
In this episode I take a walk through the woods and share some thoughts and ideas on meaning, personal responsibility, and justice.
I start with presenting a case for meaning and purpose in life, and contrast that with the opposite view of no meaning in life.
I then go into the connection between personal responsibility and your overall success and happiness, and then we dive into a philosophical understanding of the concept of Justice right from the individual level, to the societal level. I speak a bit about psychopaths and sociopaths, free will, the current political landscape, the extreme left and extreme right, the free market, how communism and nazi ideology came to be, and what happens in society when the principle of justice is kicked aside.
I finish with a challenge.

Hope it helps – David Whitehead

Ayn Rand on Justice:
Justice as a Virtue:
Warrior Lifestyle:
Revenge vs Justice:
Self Responsibility:


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