No One Else Will Say It But I AGREE WITH ILHAN OMAR!

Ilhan Omar has recently been reported to have said some very negative things about Barack Obama and then released an audio recording that confirmed what had been reported. However, the real question is why isn’t anyone agreeing with her?

Gibbs video –

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  • Daniel

    all you guys agree because you are pieces of shit. i support her right to say whatever she wants and be a retard but it is amazing how you guys love to act like you arent anti semetic. its disgusting. jews are living the american dream and are better at being american than you are and it eats you up inside lol.

  • HipsterChipster

    Even as something of an islamophobe, I gotta say I love Ilhan Omar… She’s far more of an American patriot than all the sold-out White congressmen

  • Arnieus

    The left – right chatter is just soma to keep Americans confused while the war party pillages the planet. FOX doesn’t criticize wars no matter who is POTUS.

  • Tim Fuller

    She still should be removed from office. For marrying her brother to make him a citizen. That’s immigration and marriage fraud. Also, why swear on the Koran, hardly a holy book but a text for undermining and taking over other cultures? Muslims should wear on the Constitution if they are to become members of Congress. And take the rag off her head. Islam is a throwback to a backward, violent age and has no compatibility with the West.

  • Elimy Raygun

    I agree Obama was a douche, but this could also be a case of one sect of Islam against another sect of Islam? I have no idea which sect Omar is from, nor which sect of Islam Obama adheres to. Just a thought.

  • Kevin Bird

    So far I’m so impressed with her. She’s brave and aware and smart. Not many like her and it scares the cowards who try to put her down as she just gets stronger.

  • Corinne Fitzpatrick

    Tim Pool and Styxhexenhammer666 have said the same. I agree with her questioning the power of APAC and the relationship between Israel and the U.S., but I still think she’s a racist.

  • Deborah Sindorf

    So far this woman has spoke the truth….Watch your back Ilhan. I’m glad to see she’s bringing to light the truth about IsraHELL and AIPAC.

  • MoonGlow

    We hear all the time if we don’t fight them there we will be fighting them here! I call BULLSHIT
    Bring our fucking troops home. When they decide to attack us NUKE their whole country! DONE. No American casualties no more threat. Do it ONCE and NO one will challenge us again.

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