Quantum Computing For Global Surveillance Exposed – What You Need to Know!

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I don’t mean to alarm you but there is a pretty good chance you are being spied on right now! Combat Zones That See, or CTS, is a project of the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) whose goal is to “track everything that moves” in a city by linking up a massive network of surveillance cameras to a centralized computer system. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth proves that CCTV cameras do not deter terrorism or crime and they are currently being meshed together by DARPA to create a global biometric identification system.

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  • DamnDirtyApe

    The world is full of bad news. And I have nothing to hide or share.
    Meanwhile, the chinese chinks, muslims, sikhs, syrian rapefugees and Justin Trudeau dominate Canada’s “bad news”.

  • 131kimber

    Its been out since at least 2001!!!! Already IMPLEMENTED. Not telling us! DHS Joint Task Force using FBI’s Biometric database for COVERT Surveillance, Tracking and Targeting networked with Military bases via Fusion Centers. Weaponized Neurology and Biology out in Neighborhoods using Acoustics as Weapons. Desert Storm weapons, tactics and techniques on Innocent General Public. For controlling Individuals but not like a person would think.

  • Jon Scott

    Please put commercials @ the end of the vid or cut to commercial in the middle. We can unsubscribe cause most don’t like a product shoved down their throats when they click play based on your title. Minimal subscriptions = NO sponsors. Thank you Sir.

  • 79tazman

    Terrorist don’t care if they are caught on camera because they are only going to blow themselves up anyway and they don’t mind people watching

  • Iaman Empoweredone

    No new news here. This has been going on for a long time. Everyone that has a Cell phone has been or is being profiled for quite a while. Its not what you say that is being used. It is HOW you use your cell phone that matters. Echelon is the backbone of this system, courtesy of Lockheed.

  • Iaman Empoweredone

    The military has been using quantum computing for years. Microsoft is being used to introduce old quantum computing technology to the public. This is necessary so as to acclimate the public to future technologies of “control”. The goal? To eventually make the public voluntarily give up their rights to make moral choices in exchange for perceived wealth, health, and safety. To opt out of this future system of control would mean certain poverty, but your soul would remain free. Meaning … In your own control. And there by your ability to experience true joy would belong to you. I don’t believe Microsoft is doing this for this intent though.
    Sorry, I didn’t mean to expound on this to this degree. Verbal gymnastics…

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