We Rally Against Violent AntiFa In Winnipeg – The Fight Has Just Begun!

Josh Sigurdson reports on WAM’s ‘Rally For Reason Against AntiFa & Nazism’ following violent confrontations from communist leaning AntiFa organizations throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.
On September 9th, Todd McDougall hosted a rally against state run mainstream media. AntiFa threatened him as a fascist and a bigot for hosting a rally that had nothing to do with either. The WCAI announced they wanted to defend Todd. Todd disavowed. He showed up to his preplanned rally spot only to be confronted by nearly 200 people, many waving communist flags. They tried to shove him into traffic, spit on him, assaulted him, poured water on his head, screamed over him, shoved his girlfriend around and yelled “shame shame shame” while he protested warmongering propaganda by the state run media.
None of these people even knew why they were attacking him, but they did all the same.
We at WAM decided we needed to hit back. So we put on the Rally For Reason Against AntiFa and Nazism to show people in Winnipeg that they should not be afraid to speak on a public street. That people should be able to be against a communist practice without instantly being a nazi and vice versa.
We were joined by a diverse crowd of thought and ethnicity. We were joined by great people from the LGBTQ community and had a lot of dialogue with great people who passed by. AntiFa despite constant violent threats against us did not end up showing up showing that they are afraid to have a dialogue and afraid to deal with reality without 200 people to back them up.

We will continue to try and push the envelope and get people out as so many fear being attacked for having a view right of Mao.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
Todd McDougall
Steven Marcoux
Zane Hansell

Camerawork by Wayne Skorodenski

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • AnKariah Calsonia LaRay

    Antifa are disgusting little crettins. Most havent even finished school and act like animals. They are disgusting and need to be in animal shelters till they learn how to be humans

  • PeripheryPete

    Good idea having signs against the far Right as well as Antifa. Ridiculous it needs saying but that’s what you have to do because of all the lying from Antifa etc..

  • PeripheryPete

    Antifa don’t seem to want freedom. All they seem to want is to make ┬ápeople to do what they tell them to do. How is that revolutionary? It’s just like the Deep State.

  • Charles Ponzi

    Fake money=fake media, fake politicians, fake wars, fake history… Nothing will change until we end The Federal Reserve and all Central Banks. They want us to choose a side and fight each other rather than attack the criminal cabal banking system.

  • PeripheryPete

    If people really want freedom they need to get together and talk until they can unite over common goals and create organised peaceful resistance. We don’t have to use banks all the time, constantly buy stuff we don’t need and we can withdraw our labour intermittently until the Deep State realises it would be a good idea to cooperate with it’s host – us. We’re in a race to starve it out before it starves us and once they’ve got all those robots up and running do you think it’s going to just let us run around using up resources? It needs us now so we had best get on with getting on with each other now.
    Most people want freedom, peace and a chance to get on in life. That’s a lot we can unite over for a start. Divide and rule isn’t working well for us and it suits the Deep State and it’s 1% masters just fine. Time for change.

  • Mr. Hanky

    . . . , ?WARNING? = Super Hot/Spicy Sichuan Kitty-Kat nuggets all mixed in w/ the soup. THERE’S DEFINITELY SOME CATS IN THERE

  • Annie's Channel

    This is rediculous…communism has come up underneath us since after WWII..n nothing was done as they took over our communities(a new word since then), markets, schools..n now when it almost is at take over the very people who are embracing it are calling the good evil n evil good…where were these people when Obama was in power? Instead of righteousness we have Lefteousness… there is no middle ground.

  • croutonscarf

    It’s interesting that people who are offended by just about everything imaginable are not offended by the hammer and sickle, a flag under which tens of millions of people have been murdered. These spoiled, violent little trust fund kid communists need to take a trip to a gulag to learn about the true nature of the ideology they love.

  • Ezra Pound

    Good idea ! But know the Germans were fighting against Bolshevism! Red pill the holohoax people! Hitler and the Germans knew the communist zionists killed millions of Slavs! A lot of Slavs and Jews fought in Hitler’s armies!

    He also wanted peace , he tried many times but the bankers wanted war !

    He also cut out the central bankers who couldn’t have that now could they

    Watch the greatest story never told , WW1 led to WW2 the Germans duped , sold down the river via belfour declaration!

    Lots of Arabs fought in SS , don’t believe the lies about hitler being some crazed white supremacist! He loved Germany and the German people

    National socialism is not right , it’s more left , it’s not fascism

    By far the biggest danger are the communist , Bolshevism killed 66 million and Mao 40 million!

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