I Can’t Believe They Actually Told The Truth About Venezuela!

The New York Times actually told the truth about a recent event that happened in Venezuela and we just can’t believe it. Better late than never I suppose!

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  • Jim Adams

    I think the rest of the world are starting to realise that the majority of the US Gov. are a bunch of power addicted crazies having a group tantrum.

  • Jonathan Moloney

    You’re hardly doing stellar journalism yourself here. The footage you show is not “proof” of how the trucks were set alight. That’s an insane amount of reaching. Be better

  • Charles Patterson

    They are burying our most recent commentary so far down the list of pages that it effectively dispenses the power of communication to the wind. “Great work, ((Spewtoob))!”

  • Ñega

    I watched videos from the area, the vandals named guarimberos and from Medellin, they were the ones who lighted the trucks with Molotovs. That area in Colombia named Cucuta is suffering some loss but because some politicians had moved businesses from there to other places where they get money from them about 20-30% as was told by a close friend who has a farm over there, a Vietnam veteran. Not because of any Venezuelan border closing. Sorry, but the Venezuelan’s Maduro faction were not there, but the guarimberos. That is an area where still there are some cells of the FARC who didn’t rendered, and the ELN.
    How come is Guaidó saying that Maduro is not following the Chavez ideals in government? He declared it in an RT interview! And in other videos, it was told that he was trained by the CIA 10 years ago over the Balkan countries, the OTPOR. Imagine, he also said that Macron and Trudeu supported him as the new president!

  • Reprisal Within

    I hope someone flies a 747 into CNN headquarters. I’m surprised no one has burned that fucking place to the ground yet.

  • Tea Burn

    When so many people in power are pushing for war, like foreign actors try to manipulate and push for more heightened violence…maybe military intervention isn’t such a good idea anymore when you consider that Columbia’s gov’t with vested interests would be over the moon at the idea of war?

  • Darryl Baber

    Personally I could care less who runs any country that isn’t America. I don’t think one of our young men or women is worth sacrificing for any other country.
    When you think about how screwed up the government has gotten our country you would have to wonder how could they imagine to fix some other country?

  • Matt G

    It was obvious to literally *anyone* watching the live stream how those fires started, the Venezuelan police ain’t gonna stand and calmly barricade the border just to secretly lob a Molotov cocktail at the trucks they’re blocking. I’d say the mob of angry people (a type of group well known to start fires, e.g. Yellow vests) are a bit more likely to be culpable than a line of military members.

  • Carolyn Ann Chase

    Fuck Venezuela and Cuba. Stop blaming the U.S. for what the Communists are doing. We are building a wall and then fuck ya,
    You’re on your own….

  • Jason Sommer

    Add and watch the video yet but are you telling me that they finally admitted that socialism never works? Now to watch the video and see if that’s what you’re talking about.

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