Las Vegas Shooting And The Role Of The FBI

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The Las Vegas shooting has left more questions raised than answers have been given and as more video evidence continues to surface, suspect #1 in the eyes of us here at PFT is now undoubtably the FBI and their black op agents. Julian Assange of wikilieaks recently tweeted that the FBI is more often than not involved in terrorist plots and the same can be said about the CIA and Canada’s CSIS. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why the FBI should be suspect number 1 in the Las Vegas shooting case as they’ve got dirty hands that are all over this.


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  • Pure Planet Love

    I suggest that since your channel is called Press For Truth, you should stick to the truth. It is NOT the truth that Julian Assange knows everything nor that the FBI is creating terrorism on it’s own citizens. Looks to me like you’re just taking theories that you think might be truthful. This is not something you will ever really know the truth about. I’d almost guarantee you, though, that the FBI is NOT behind the development of these terrorist incidents, and that there is a far more insidious, shadow group being funded by the wealthiest people in the world. Understand something the majority of our CIA and FBI did not get into these jobs out of hatred of their nation — and most of them would quit their jobs if asked to actually commit these atrocities against humanity. You are taking BS stories from the very people who want you take their stories and spread this literal POOP around the internet. Focus on what the truth is – it’s not this bullshit.

  • Eagle Vision

    What can we do? Obviously there has been a Zionist coup taking over almost every country on the planet via Rothschild usury phony money. They have every politician blackmailed and bought off along with top bureaucrat rats.

  • Bob McCall

    Dan – in your coverage of these events you may want to consider a possibility. The carnage in these false flag events may be over-reported. In Vegas: Approx 50 dead, 500 injured. Is there documentation to support this or just chaotic video coverage? Thanks for your work on these questions.

  • Pure Planet Love

    There are no intelligent conversations to have on any social media. There is no intelligence left in this world… Go back to putting your thumbs in your mouths and anti-solar flare hats, ok?

  • Belleville197

    Can you imagine the utter moral bankruptcy and lack of conscience people must have to be involved in such schemes?? These men and women go home to their families at night and feel ‘ok’ with what they do? I guess they have no trouble sleeping because they have no conscience to keep them up at night.

  • Mari Anderson

    pure Planet love it’s only obvious that you work for the Deep State hitlery sorrow Berry people idiot shut up get off this platform we can see through you and the guy down there I don’t believe they have a family they pick loaner lowlife idiots that are not capable of feeling love just money hungry and evil and dark like they are the deep State deep State deep sea

  • GM Skywatcher

    We must discontinue paying unconstitutional taxes to this criminal government that continues to create terrorism within our borders using the FBI to manipulate and coerce innocent Americans

  • Stive Rosen

    Another report says airport was near by and a helicopter in faint background noise asking the question was there also sharp shooters from the air? Bullet forensics could enlighten

  • Pure Planet Love

    FBI hasn’t been telling us the truth nor the CIA, why is the FBI being blamed. I will tell you right now, they are the closest to actually finding out who is really behind this and other planned terror attacks, and this is an attack by paid operative Juliam Assange on the integrity and authority of the FBI. Why not blame the CIA or the Trump White House. Matter of fact lets blame Mc Donald’s.

  • BiddieTube

    Takes a bit to find it, but there is a video that is not one of the countless gunfire echo videos posted. Why, after almost a week, finally it turns up is my big question now. Here is the video mentioned in this video
    If it has not been edited, then the only logical conclusion is that there is two guns firing at same time. Why is the only video of the kind? Why did it take so long to be posted? Those two questions make me wonder. Just does not seem right. But do go check out the video, it is definitely a one of a kind among the nearly countless other ones claiming to be multiple gunfire, but are echo. Just one video out of them all…. so strange isn’t it

  • Pure Planet Love

    Press For Truth must be so happy tpo know they have plenty of minions to protect them from big, bad me! Feel the love?

  • Pure Planet Love

    Seems the press for truth audience is LESS concerned with truth and more concerned with following their beloved host. Anything the host says must be the truth, just like the media minions.

  • avlisk

    Ever since I learned about “Northwoods”, which included the false flags of blowing up remotely controlled passenger airliners, (see 9/11),  and shooting American citizens in the streets, (see Las Vegas), all government “official stories” become suspect and need extraordinary proof to support them. Until we get proof, I’m not believing our Governments or the MSM. I’ve been lied to too many times.

  • Joe Cwik

    Dan… if you’re really looking into this then look into these facts. Day one we’re all told 500 wounded yet no one died this past week? Not ONE! First day media (propagandist) knows exactly how many died and how many were wounded? How odd! Green screened ‘interviews’… twins doing cheers with arms in the air smiling and laughing the day after being ‘shot’ through the shoulder? People who are wounded and shot don’t lie down in comfortable positions and not move again. Geez…. Had a closer look at the ‘suicide’ seen yet? The only logical weapon that could had been used was the revolver yet there are no spent cases inside the revolvers chambers! They’re empty!? Eyewitnesses report Paddock was in the company of another man in the casino. Other hotels were taking gunfire through the front doors. No video from a casino yet he took how many firearms to which floor? 72 minutes for police to stop someone shooting machine guns out their hotel window? A thousand things are very very wrong. American is being duped here. Same as Sandy Hooks, Pulse and so many others. WAKE UP PLEASE . Press those truths.

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