The Great Carbon Con

In this video Brian Thiesen of Press For Truth exposes the financial con that is involved in this massive carbon scam. Support us on Patreon ➜


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About The Author


  • caprinefane

    Please understand that there are many people including myself, that could not participate in life with out the life saving benefits of opioid pain medication. I find that it is being vilified in an attempt to speed up the legalization of cannabis. Being a chronic pain sufferer I find it difficult to navigate the subject with out a considerable amount of bigotry being leveled at me when I say that cannabis and opioids are not mutually exclusive and some people may find relief only with opioids.

  • SuperHarryace

    CBC said the Fentonol is coming from china. Russia is trying to destroy America with computer weapons hacks. North Korea are ready to use nuclear weapons on USA. Carbon tax is a diversion and a monkey wrench used to mess you all up and waste your time and life. Your being scammed and your being set up don’t fall for this crap try and figure out what is really happening and where the real terror and threats are coming from and who is creating them.

  • J Glad

    What a crock. Scamming shills calling carbon dioxide a pollutant. All the human contribution to atmospheric co2 does is feed plants and add *maybe* a degree of precious warmth to our deadly cold planet. Google co2 greening the Earth. Politicians are the enemy of all life on earth. Not enough nooses for their lot.

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