HOLLYWOOD EXPOSED: Harvey Weinstein Scandal BLOWS LID On Sick & Depraved Industry!

Josh Sigurdson and Dan Dicks of Press For Truth break down the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal as Hollywood enters desperation mode.
Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer behind Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Shakespeare In Love and many other massive hits was recently accused of abusing women and forcing women to watch him in some unseemly private situations.
Following many including Ashley Judd of all people, Gweneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie coming out about this, the lid has begun to come off the entire depraved Hollywood industry where kids and adults alike are abused and used and forced into terrible situations.
Terry Crews who happens to be a big guy came out saying he was harassed and grabbed by producers, saying that this story goes far further than Harvey Weinstein, and there’s no doubt about that.
Rob Shneider, Cory Feldman, formerly Cory Haim before he passed away and Elijah Wood have come out about this horrible things that happen behind closed doors.
Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski, Nelly, R Kelly, Woody Allen, Pete Townshend, the list of creeps in the industry goes on and on.
However, this is something we see in Britain at the BBC as well. We see it among billionaire investors, politicians from Dennis Hastert to Bill Clinton, advertisers like Jared Fogle and the list of sick degenerates grows by the day.
This links all forms of global elitism.
The do-good lefties in Hollywood and the music industry, Washington, finance and this needs to be called out in order to be stopped.
This story is breaking into the mainstream media after decades of independent media breaking these stories and being called crazy.
Is this the beginning of a massive expose’ of the entire global occult elite structure? Or is this just another media blitz?
We will find out soon enough.

We’d like to thank Dan Dicks of Press For Truth for the work he does and joining us for this video among others.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Lita Davidson

    But why have they sacrificed this creep? These people are deceptive on so many levels. Jolie is a spook, and the rest of them?

  • Annie's Channel

    The people should decide what’s best for us n not a board of deciders…peoples choice would not of allowed the world to become so corrupt thru lies n MANipulation…the leaders play innocent to get into high places then become corrupt as they are inticed into corruption n threatened or blackmailed to keep quiet…n con’t to look good while being corrupted by the evil

  • Symbolic Living

    Yep and right on time with Jupiter (media, news, truth, law) entering Scorpio (sex, corruption, investigation, perversion, crime, secrets) on Oct 10. It’s like living in the matrix.

  • Jack Harper

    The Elite are sick people and they are trying to destroy society for the purpose of population reduction. Their old system is collapsing and they plan to keep control over a new smaller society under Lucifer.

  • Enzadi Jade

    I’m sure they did it, him and Cosby. That’s HOLLYwood Cult City for ya. But, um, are we really doing this? Do we really have a court of public opinion and these people are already tried convicted and punished? They should get their come-up-uns, sure, but it sets a bad precedent. It really should concern folks that somebody nastier than Harvey and Cosby, combined, are behind the fall of these guys. They stepped on the wrong, disgusting toes; pissed off some super powerful people, more powerful, and more evil than Harvey.

    Court of public opinion seems to be the only way these guys are going down…is in the eyes and minds of the public. Harvey could rollover, but he’d be killed, I’m sure. And, lol, they wouldn’t bring out The United Nation’s Barbie, Jolie, for just anybody. They all know and knew, even Michelle Obama knew. But of course folks like Jolie are prefacing their statements with, “oh, but I’ve been telling people to be careful when working with harvey.” Bullcrap! They’re just, JUST as disgusting, many deeply involved, others looking the other way when kids are hurt, and all for fame and fortune. It’s vile. How do they sleep at night? Oh, that’s right, on Egyptian Cotton

  • No Fix

    Bill Burr does a funny bit on how there is “an epidemic of gold digging whores” that come at you when you are rich and powerful. There is no evidence he raped anybody, just some very questionable allegations beyond that he “propositioned” some adult women.

  • j laboss

    Why are you guys so scared to tell the truth!
    Who runs Hollywood and Washington D.C.
    Just like your never say anything negative about republicans your just like them or one of them.

  • euphoriiick

    Do not vote for Liberals or NDP. Both parties are libtard based and push for socialism which is essentially forced wealth transfer from the rich to poor via taxes to buy votes.

  • Gary Saunders

    The Harvey Weinstein scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. If they are willing to admit harassment then it is much worse. The truth is that Hollywood is full of pedophiles and rapists. They will never admit more than partial guilt. Satanwood is a huge problem in Hollywood. You are fools if you think this is just an entertainment industry problem. ANYONE WITH MONEY IS TARGETED. Bankers, politicians, military and of course music and movie stars. What no one will admit to is that it goes deeper. Homosexual rape and sacrifices are actually happening! The rise in Satanism in America is obvious. Satanists practice sexual perversion and kill people. They always have! Read your history! Read your Bible! Wake UP! I love that you are covering this Josh! Way to go! Fight for truth! Keeping going!


    What do you mean, the courage to speak out? They come out in numbers because they did’nt have the courage before except for a minority who did’nt want to give names anyway. They enjoyed their celebrity for so long without saying a thing and allowed how many creeps to continue to abuse their power. BTW, when you interview somebody it’s not about you. If you want to do a monologue do it on your own time please.

  • Margaret OBrien

    Weinstein is the sacrificial Lamb to satisfy the public and make the problem go away. Will that be all we demand or will we push on this time to get to the truth, and reveal who the really evil ones are? What about Harvey’s brothers why did they abandon him? Who has made stock deals? Who is really pulling the strings? In LA there is a lot of suspicious share activity prior to the massacre.

  • Donald Kasper

    The actresses put out sex and the producers put out movie gigs. You slow down the money flow for their coke habit and you demand blow jobs, you gonna crash into a wall.

  • M Muller

    Their silence all these years exposes both Hollywood and Politicians like Hilllary the Obamas etc as true hypocrites. They could have been vocal because their fame and fortune was already made. They are complete Socialists that care only for their money and will throw anyone under the bus like the myriad of women and children abused by these same people.

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