Scrapping Ontario’s SEX ED Curriculum Causes Marxist Snowflake MELTDOWN!

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The controversy continues over the Ford government’s plan to revert to an older version of Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum as Ontario schools will go back to teaching the same sex-ed curriculum they did in the late 1990s this fall after the province’s new government announced Wednesday it was revoking an updated version brought in by the previous regime.
In this video Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth attended a rally in Ottawa that was protesting the Ontario government’s plan to repeal the current sex ed curriculums where she was called a nazi and a fascist for defending Ford’s decision to repeal the liberals “updated” sex ed program.

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  • Zed Dez

    What these idiots don’t comprehend is that both Communists AND Fascists forced a state educational curriculum. These people are simply tyrants who want force to their version of morality (none) down the throats of Liberty loving Free Thinkers. They are willing to abuse children (sexualization) and their human rights (their right to reproduce) to push their pernicious ideology.

  • bw s

    I feel safe in saying majority of people could care less what adults do in private as long as its not abusive. LGBT demographics make up less than 4 percent of the population in the US yet are disproportionately represented. Why is that? What is the real agenda here?

  • Tara Taylor

    the left could care less about kids. It’s appalling. They think grooming and indoctrinating kids is great. It’s not. #SaveTheChildren

  • Because it's current year

    Why are they calling you Nazi? Gender theory did not exist in 1945. Academics and politicians pushed it on the public in 1990 Replacing sexual identity.

  • Jay Me

    Strange times when you can shout others down, assault anyone freely speaking and yet call victims of your tirade “fascist”. But I think it’s apparent “nazis” are not boogiemen we were led to believe. Think of the awful “nazi” stories. Multiply it by 10, and you have an indication of the atrocities of Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia.

  • Merlin Krisp

    Brainwashed braindead liberals don’t even know why they are protesting. If this wasn’t so serious it would so laughable ?

  • LucVNO

    The leftards are defending the paedophile sex curriculum, no fucking kidding. They deserve the same fate as the goof that wrote it.

  • Cat in canada

    And the insanity in Canadistan continues, record heat temps match record heat to protect a curriculum created by a pedophile. … story at 11

  • Star Dust

    I do believe that guy is odd that was hugging those two females.. What a shame that they could be spreading germs…

  • Luke's Day off

    Man that madness ? we’ll need to clean up shop at some point to re-write history again…kinda sucks when mad people cant comprehend a simple thing

  • kerry mcinnis

    That old cult leader dude with the hat & Hawaiian shirt was basically leading a college level NXIM sex slave cult, and these young women are probably his sex slaves.

  • Vice City Slicker

    Why do these people scream: “Go home, Nazis, go home!”
    Oh. My. Gosh. Are Hitler, Goebbels, and Goering resurrected??? ?

  • Luanne M. Ashe

    The people protesting have the most to gain from the #sexualization of your children. They were all hoping for #EasyPrey, #Groomed in the #PublicSchoolSystem for their own private #consumption. WE WARNED YOU OF THIS in the 1980’s, but you laughed and mocked.

  • Cat Cook

    One minute the big fat guy with the beard is shouting “FASCIST!!! NAZI!!!” Then the next minute he’s sobbing like a little baby into that girl’s shoulder. These people are really very confused and mentally sick.

  • Michael O'Grady

    What do I think? They are all going down and they know it. WWG1WGA! #TheGreatAwakening The demise of those murderous Luciferian perverts cannot come quickly enough. To God goes the victory!!!

  • Bushwacker Steve

    Typical leftist thinkers: Take away freedom of expression, remove them from public places, harass them, and call them Nazis. Yeah the leftists are real problem-solvers aren’t they. Lol x 10

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