Why Maxime Bernier’s Right & Kevin O’Leary’s Wrong on Supply Management

Tim Moen, Leader of The Libertarian Party of Canada breaks down the issue of “supply management” which collectively takes rights away from individual farmers and business owners and hands it to the government to regulate. Interestingly, free markets are supposed to be the virtue of a true conservative, however countless conservatives are in support of supply management which shows a serious lack of understanding among those who call themselves conservative of actual individual liberties and free, non-manipulated markets.
Kevin O’Leary has come out in support of supply management, but Maxime Bernier has vowed to end it. Tim pulls off a home run with his argument against market crippling regulations.

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  • Terry Lake

    Trudeau wants to put the Syrian Refugees into 7 Well Armed Canadian Military Bases !!!!!!!!
    It’s never been easy to just go onto any Canadian Military Bases for good reasons. . Once you get past the main gates you have quick access to the entire base and Military Arsenal.
    What do you think about the opportunity for Islamic Terrorist groups gaining such easy access to our most powerful weppon. .

  • wesfax1

    Great video! keep exposing the extortion…a whole bunch of people need to go to jail. We just need a justice system to get it done.

  • Shatter Brained

    Wait, Maxime is gonna quit funding the BS CBC? Consider me sold… well, I was leaning because of other policies, but damn, I hate the CBC. ABSOLUTELY FUCKING LOATHE.

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