Is There A Conspiracy To Control The World? Truth Warrior LIVE March 12/19

I have been studying conspiracy theories of all sorts for 15 years or so now. While many individual theories may be bogus, misrepresented or embellished, in this episode I discuss the biggest conspiracy theory of them all:
The One World Collectivist Government. Is it really true that there are a core group of power hungry elites working towards complete control of all land, resources and people on the earth? Is the earth actually some kind of farm, and are these infamous elites simply the human management team?
Since the Trump election, the rise of professor Jordan Peterson, and the intense focus on issues such as cultural marxism, mass migration, the SJW movement, the “regressive left”, socialism, neo-feminism, the economy, the recent censorship campaigns across social media etc, I have noticed that many people are looking into these issues in isolation and are simply not aware of where all of this originates from. Many people are trained to scoff at the idea of there being a criminal conspiracy of any kind. Why is this? Perhaps there is no conspiracy to rule the world. Perhaps there is. Let’s have a look shall we?


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