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The gloves are off as war with Iran Escalates over twitter! Tensions are brewing in the Middle East with all eyes on Iran as President Donald Trump continues to use Twitter as a technological weapon for waging psychological warfare. Seeing how Trump has flip flopped on his Iranian rhetoric over the years makes it’s more clear now than ever that Trump isn’t playing 6th dimensional chess here…he’s being played himself by the deep state who control his puppet strings and it’s time the American people snap out of their delusion and stop looking to the government to fix the problems that are caused by the government.
In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth points out the sheer hypocrisy and rhetoric coming from the Trump administration when it comes to the Iranian regime and the battle for the Middle East.

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  • Jesus first America first

    f*** Iran let’s bomb the hell out of them.. take that even further God bless you president Trump

  • Babylon6969

    That was an embarrassing video. Seems like you have a case of Trump derangement syndrome. I will predict that peace negotiations are already happening with Iran and there will not be a war.

  • Steven Lesh

    Well cya later. Truthfully I think The U.S should hold back Iran look how there country is run along with the nuke deal they are just as bad as NK. Glad trump put them in there place.

  • Bear Aryan II

    America is more divided now than she ever has been in her whole history. America is no longer a country. it is a proxy state of the international bankers and the state of Israel. the American people do not understand that it doesn’t matter if we have Obama’s or trumps bushes or Clinton’s is no matter to these International hyenas. there’s no elections there’s only selections from a pool and has already been tested tried-and-true to the international agenda which is to ultimately Wipeout all sanity. the day will come when America has to pay the price and it won’t be the politicians are the international hyenas that pay the price it’ll be the American people laughter right white or black doesn’t matter we’re all cannon fodder in the end. and also, judging from most of the comments in this comment section most Americans get their news from the very International hyenas that are set out to destroy them I guess it’s our destiny.

  • ethan goguen

    Starting to sound like CNN and CBC. Let the fear mongering begin. They all said the same about North Korea. Look how that played out.

  • CyndiLu Stone

    That’s right, we’re tired of their threatening America. Trump isn’t the wet noodle Obama is….he’s pulling American’s up and this requires energy. Please go off into nature and hug a bear.

  • P M Chan

    Our best hope is that Iran arms themselves with nuclear weapons ASAP & points them all at the illegitimate state of Isreal!

  • WeThePeople

    He’s a Zionist piece of shit and he will NOT stop until he has pleased his Jewish master’s wishes to topple Iran! It became quite obvious that any chance we had of peace was out the fucking window when Trump invited John Bolton between his sheets! Fuck Donald Trump, fuck Sheldon Adelson, fuck Netanyahu, and most importantly fuck Israel!

  • Pavle Ristovski

    What can you do Americans ?
    Someone tell me what can you do about this war not to happen?
    Tell me : do you have military ?
    Americans can’t do anything about what shadow governments have planned !
    But American military+Americans can !

  • 4WesternCivilizaton

    Iran is disgusting!

    They just put a girl in prison for 8 months for dancing! Along with 80 LASHES!

    These people are sick.

  • Y- Fi

    Whoever rules US it doesn’t matter…these bandits have the same thing in common… they stealth Iraq antiques worth of millions they are stealing oil from arabs … with all resources these countries are still slaves to US but Iran is among fewer countries that didn’t bow to US and that is why US is mad … but they have underestimated Iran … if US couldn’t win from Vietnam they can never think of war with Iran … It will be the stupidity of Century…

  • Euzifyy

    Hey, I absolutely love your content……. But I’m sorry, you have this all wrong, the people of Iran have been BEGGING trump to intervene in order to stop the corruption and violence carried out by this current regime. Lately, they have begun organizing mass protests and demonstrations against their regime.. Just like in ARMENIA. A mass awakening is happening….. All around the world. The patriots have a plan, you know….. Draining the swamp takes time, the corruption is deeper than we can even imagine…… This is literally good vs PURE evil. Human/ sex slavery trafficking, occultism, drug and weapons trafficking (some of it for strategic purposes…), lobbying for WAR, slush funds, banking cartels, NGO’s, charities (((the white cross))), used for money laundering and transferring.. Not even at the tip of this iceberg. The pyramid structure that controls the world is being deconstructed…. It ain’t a god damn cakewalk. +++ – House of Saud…… What happened in Saudi Arabia again? :), ++ -Rothschild’s…… Why were they selling off assets earlier on? + – [SOROS]. The guy who has our country by the balls.

    IRAN NEXT -Q. Just watch, but be aware, CIA Mockingbird media Blackout. They won’t even try their disinfo tactics on certain developments.

  • Armando Afre

    All Trump does is copy Me. First he uses “tremendous”, now he uses ALL CAPS. Trump is an android with a brain the size of a ping pong ball. I killed the original Trump body several months ago. The Secret Service and FBI know this. When Trump is dead, an autopsy will verify this.

  • Armando Afre

    Make no mistake: Iran a member of “The Dependables” The U.S. is a member of “The Dispensables”. (and Trump is definitely not playing chess. He’s playing checkers).

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