FAANGS Stocks Plummet, While This Sector Is ON FIRE!

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The cannabis market in Canada is about the explode as recreational use gets legalized on the federal level making this a great time to get involved in the cannabis space and the emerging Canadian market. But when it comes to the newly licensed producers who will be dominating this space which ones are trust worthy when it comes to supplying quality products? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Malay Panchal CEO of Pure Global Cannabis Inc. a licensed cannabis producer new on the scene with massive potential for incredible growth in the emerging Canadian cannabis market.

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  • MrStevelovestogrow

    Who cares what this Brown bastard has to say! He doesn’t speak for me, Careful Dan when you play with snakes you’ll get bitten.

  • kusdaddy02

    Ridiculous legislation….. pseudo legal. Thanks for reporting though, Dan. Still appreciate your content.

  • Truth Seeker

    I love cannabis but remember we do not live on a spinning ball of rock. All these legal tender slave schemes are based off false scarcity. We live in a world of abundance and they can’t stop what’s coming

  • Mari Anderson

    so if you buy when it’s low in the stocks Exchange it goes back up and then you make money isn’t that how it goes

  • chappi59

    The biggest issue for me is the CBD oil. We all know the drug companies want to control the market, thereby making a inferior synthetic version and overcharging the consumer.
    Voters must be vigilant.
    We’ve seen what happened with the opioid epidemic. Drug companies are killing thousands of Citizens and Congress has let them.
    Meanwhile they try to convince us that they care about foreigners on the wall issue? ?

  • kusdaddy02

    Oh boy, where do I begin…. his model….. is designed for the share holders. It doesn’t (won’t) produce the highest quality cannabis. It will ultimately require fewer employees (fewer jobs within an emerging industry). Another huge benefit to those attempting to line their pockets on the backs of the individuals he tried to recognize in the middle there. If TRUE medicine is what he seeks to provide, then they should adjust their model. Dan, I get the feeling you see this just as I do. Educated consumers see right through him.

  • Pete Kingston

    How about we wait to see the product.
    I’ll tell you what it’s worth after that, with the amount of cannabis suppliers opening.
    I recommend a price of $2.25 retail price a gram good luck.

  • Escape the Matrix

    What’s better than this is, watching Mark Suckerborg losing *billions!* *Delete your Facebook page,* (don’t just deactivate it).

  • Sean P

    The plan is to legalize the plan is to keep everybody high and distracted so you won’t acknowledge and see and ask questions about how corrupt Trudeau and all of his minions are they want you stoned complacent so they can carry on with their horrific agenda, same thing is happening here in California

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