How To Quit Smoking With Cannabis! – Breaking The Habit One Toke At A Time

Josh Sigurdson talks with Molly Schneider at the Grass Roots Medicinal dispensary in Squamish, British Columbia about how she quit smoking using cannabis.
Following 22 years of smoking, Molly found that tobacco often contains the mosaic virus which is considered somewhat of a cryptonite for cannabis. She decided it was time to quit and by using cannabis to alleviate the temptations and the addiction, she managed to break the habit.
Many use cannabis to quit smoking as you can still smoke something and hold it in your hand. Its benefits far outweigh pharmaceuticals that claim they can rid the addiction.
Molly happens to be the girlfriend of Dan Dicks of Press For Truth. She works at Grass Roots Medicinal in Squamish, BC which serves many cannabis users and helps those with medical conditions in need to medication that does not have pharmaceutical type side effects.
Grass Roots Medicinal has more than 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry.
Molly broke down how the store changed her life, having always wanted to be involved in the cannabis industry.
She also went into possible fears of government intrusion in free market, independent businesses like Grass Roots Medicinal in the cannabis business.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Molly Schneider
Josh Sigurdson

Dan Dicks
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Annie's Channel

    An herbal formula called Smoke Away for $75 ca. works in 1 week n clears out the nic from your body n you feel like you never smoked n then you take a lung cleanse for a week, all inc. Not an ad I did it after 50 yrs of smoking…went on a holiday to change my enviroment n came home smoke free…no emotional upset…not avail in Canada, but is online from USA. Canada banned it cause it works…Drugs here hate compitition.

  • Lisa Lynn

    A habit? I see you are still listening to corrupt government. Smoking is the oldest addiction in the world. The hardest addition to stop. At least feel something for the smoker as there has never been a single detox place for the smoker. The corrupt government knows what they are doing. Can’t get rid of their biggest cash cow. Can’t help their biggest cash cow.

  • RobertMStahl

    Do you think Mr Lahey’s death by unknown sickness was timed for “now?” The beginning of “The Shitpocalypse?”

    Have you seen The truth about drug czar Tom Morino murdering his own hometown kids with pain killers he promoted way back…,

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