Leftists DESTROYED On Gun Control! – Get TRIGGERED!

Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media and Dan Dicks of Press For Truth hit the streets to quiz people on gun control and see if anyone supports the right to self defense.
About 2 people truly support the right to bare arms, but the vast majority did not, or didn’t understand the question.
Statistically, places with more guns have less crime. That’s according to the FBI, NSC and countless other studies produced over the past 40+ years.
Following what recently happened in Las Vegas, people are easily emotional about the issue and then equate it to Trump. Trump is literally the worst to most of these people but they have no problem giving up their guns to him. It seems rather alarming. People are concerned about gun violence but not violence in general which there is less of when there are guns nearby.
People seem to only be okay with bad guys and government (usually synonymous) having guns.
One SJW got incredibly triggered when challenged on the issue.

We have a lot of work to do. This is just yet another example. It’s amazing we’re capable of keeping our calm while talking to these people.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Dan Dicks

Dan Dicks
Josh Sigurdson

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  • JadeRabbit Futurist

    As a true liberal I approve! I want to keep the ability to protect the lives of my family. AWESOME video, WAM!

  • Dollars are Shackles !

    Government and criminal’s own guns, they will ALWAYS own guns, and so will I. Guns are here there not going away ever! So all you haters can just get over it. They could outlaw guns and stop ammo production, people would just find a new way or easer way to kill people like a car, poison or even a axe. I’m all for controlling guns, taking them away would be a horrible idea.

  • Aaron Torres

    Pointless discussions… If they pass that bill through legislation then the 2nd amendment will be ripped out the constitution.

  • Canadian Metals

    The gentleman whom has the firearms is the one that rubbed me the wrong way the most. The others are just programmed as per the media. The gun owner should know a lot better. He would have had to do a multiple day course, then send away all the forms to the RCMP, had his background checked thoroughly. Then been issued a certificate. All costing lots of $$ every step of the way and many months in between.

    And yet every time there is a shot fired it is plastered on the news. No mention whatsoever that 99+ % of these instances are from illegally gotten firearms. But whom will the politicians and the public want to drag out and beat to a pulp? Yes the law abiding citizens with their guns in safes with trigger locks on them, just as the fellow whom claimed he was a gun owner… Yes there is a problem with illegal guns coming across the border, the police agencies know this. Drugs going south and Guns coming north.. but they are complicit with the narrative.

    Betcha they might sing a different tune when Vancouver is turned into most European cities…. by then it will be too late, and I fear that is exactly the plan.

  • Phillip Vastopoulos

    Freedom to have the right to own firearms is a must in today’s society.Especially for self defense!There must be tougher background checks!Guns are not the danger; it’s people !

  • mm ix

    Josh just said “statistically there’s less rapes and murders in places that allow guns.” Las Vegas is open carry look what happened there. Crime rates in US in general are off the hook. Mexico has even less strict gun laws than the US and Mexico has one of the highest murder rates on the planet. What are you talking about, Josh? You’re the one who’s making a fool out of Libertarians or whatever you claim to be!!!!!

  • Fascist Wolfe

    Canada so cucked. Kill em all and salt the land. These degenerate sheeple. Genetic scum pond. At least britain was once a white empire. Why couldnt canada get raped and pillaged by savages. Then we could annex Canada and claim it as America. Build a huge wall, on the Canadian Border. Plant mines as well.

  • Rich Monk

    Slaves enjoying their slavery. People who do not know or understand “actual” History will find out the hard way what governments have always done to their own people. In the name of governments have 100’s of millions been murdered!

  • David Parsons

    We all should own guns and keep the states and government under control and let them know we the people are powerful over states and government it’s not a god made system it was pushed in by force that has no standing over man and woman the people. It is up to each and every one of the people to make there own decisions and not the states and government that is just a fictional system and has no say like the police they have no jurisdiction or authority over man and woman the people get that strength right now the people are being lied to by the government and state’s and you need to read the books and understand that the systems make you brainwashed into believing that there laws apply to you in fact they don’t it’s that the people are wakeing up and not being the slaves they want you to be honest folks wakeup and understand what’s going on in the games that are being played on all of you.

  • Terry Calderwood

    I can’t believe the kindness lady, she really thinks if you are a good person you can never become a victim of violent crime? I don’t own a gun, because I no longer own a gun safe. But I want the right to choose to get one if I want one.

  • royce davis

    Karl Marx’s definition of U.S. and Canadian citizens rings true today, as realized by Holder and Clinton who mouthed Marx’s old refrain: “American’s are idiots and can be used as fools to carry out the Communist Manifesto. As a last resort, we will take their means of self defense away…by force.” Vladimir Lenin proved the theory with his own people when he took their guns and murdered multiple millions. Hitler, too, as well as Mao Tse Tung knew they could remove guns from homes of their citizens by citing what “useful idiots” love to believe: “When we take your guns, the State will make you safer; there will be no murders or abuses.” This Big Lie was believed by the Russians, Nazi Germans, the Red Chinese, and others who live under TYRANNY. Mind-Control initiated by those responsible of instituting the Federal Reserve, Federal Income Tax, the United Nations, is the brain-child of the Nazi German scientists (Project Paperclip) and is responsible for taking away state authority over education and putting it under the auspices of the NEA which is directed by UNESCO of the UN.
    When watching this man-on-the-street interview between Josh and Dan of Canada, I realized just how close the USA is to being taken over by the Globalist. The USA is being torn apart by those who prep nations to surrender their personal, individual freedoms in order to secure a little protection/security from State Thugs. If the citizens ever allow their means of self-protection to be taken/removed from them, they will soon realize why our Founding Fathers went to great lengths to ensure one’s safety from, not only local and state criminals, but also from a government that has usurped the individuals rights under the Law of the Land, hence: The Constitution and Bill of Rights. I’m personally ashamed of the useful idiots who mostly make up the race of Anglo-Saxons.

  • irishspiritedgal

    Follow up question… “do you watch tv programming and HOW much?” This is UNBELIEVABLE! I’d NEVER live in a country that banned guns, good luck, you’re going to need it!

  • Steve French

    Lives in Toronto; “I don’t feel comfortable with people carrying guns” lololololol all the gun crime comes from Toronto

  • scott blessing

    That clown w/ the girlfriend want people w/guns to provoke violence against Trump and if not give up your guns ….what a dip shit

  • machinerydr

    That was 14 minutes and 26 seconds of my life that I will never get back. I’m glad you have the stomach for that kind of shit but watching your interview of those brain dead snowflakes makes me want to move into a far northern community among like minded people who still have a functioning brain then hope these breeding grounds for fucktards that vote and determine the future of others be depopulated in a nuclear war.

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