Ontario Schools May Teach Children Keynesian Economics In 2018 – More Indoctrination!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent call by Ontario Liberal Education Minister Mitzie Hunter for high school kids to be indoctrinated by the state run system on Keynesian economics. While Keynesianism isn’t specified in the program, the go-to economic philosophy followed by the Liberal government both on a Federal and Provincial level is Keynesianism and the state indoctrinates children with their beliefs as they always have.
The pilot projects which will use 28 schools across Ontario will kick off immediately as a hopeful part of the curriculum by fall of 2018.
Around 700 students will be involved in the pilot project. This will be followed by student and teacher input.
The program will also include education on entrepreneurship and digital literacy which isn’t so bad considering the need for children to start striving for success rather than bashing those who are successful. It’s important for kids to look for opportunities instead of complaining about not having opportunities. Of course the government is not likely to teach them the endless possibilities in an actual free market capitalistic environment.
I’ve always been a proponent of children learning about economics in school, but not perpetual central planning. Government propagated indoctrination is bad enough, but now they’re going to set up countless young, un-evolved brains to become the next Paul Krugmans which is rather dangerous to future economists actually understanding basic free market economics instead of Hegelian Keynesianism.
Now, being a millennial myself, I’m well aware of how annoying, weak and dependent millennials are so often, but new studies show that in the future, millennials are set to be the most conservative generation in many decades which no doubt worries the central planners, the market manipulators and the statist rulers.
Long ago I brought up and built on an old notion from a small 1950s Canadian documentary where different minds debated in front of kids to give them a better, more fluctuating ideology. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Marxists, Keynesians, Austrian economists, Laissez-faire capitalists and Rothbardians debate their viewpoints for the younger generation to get a good grip on different ideas and decide from there what the best theories are instead of being told “This is the one and only way!”
Of course these kids in Ontario won’t learn about why quantitative easing and fractional reserve banking is destructive. Of course these kids won’t learn about the effects of the IMF or the ESF, the devaluation, debt and inflation of printing currency out of thin air or any other legitimate basic economic facts which should change the mainstream dialogue on how things are done in the monetary world.
According to The Education Ministry, this new indoctrination program will cost around $142,000.
Prakash Amarasooriya who led the Toronto Youth Cabinet initiative and petition pushing for financial literacy in high school said,
“This is a good first step,”
Indeed schools teach kids these days to be absolutely confused and dependent once entering adult life, but this initiative will simply make kids promote dependence.
We don’t need more people like Premier Kathleen Wynne driving people into a bottomless pit of debt.
Welcome to the future folks. Unless you have something to say about it…

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Josh Sigurdson

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  • kmg501

    Actually this may all backfire on the propagandists but folks like yourself are going to have to help that process along. Even if it takes setting up street protestors outside of schools with signs that ask simple but thought provoking questions on them. Like: “How did America become a militaristic empire?” “How did the Americans lose thier freedom?” “Why are you being programed?” “Freedom to fascism through money controls”. Etc etc, you get the idea.

  • Henry Bowman

    reminds me of something Dr. Ron Paul has said: “you can’t have a grown-up conversation about economics without bringing in the nature and history of the federal reserve system.”

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