Banning Ben Shapiro What Did YouTube CEO Say To Pressure?

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  • Doctor Dorkmeister

    that same california liberal probably supported the law that allows children to practice prostitution legally.

  • John Young

    Piece of shit mothers like her produce “toxic” masculinity by responding to boys’ natural curiosity with shaming tactics.

  • Zen Maestro

    I don’t see how anybody can really dislike Ben Shapiro. He’s definitely more conservative than I am, but he’s always got good points, and as far as I can see, holds good moral values. I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a war monger, by any stretch of the definition. Like you guys, he looks for truth. I would be really entertained watching a debate between Luke and Ben. Both guys have really good points to consider. Invite Shapiro to your show, Luke. 😀

  • Andrew Iammatteo

    Empires never go after the worst elements of society in any meaningful way. They fuel the fears that drives the tyrannical changes

  • Сперти за правду

    And yet, Desmond is Amazing can be on YouTube, getting money stuffed in his drawers by adult men while he strips in a gay bar.

  • MYOB

    So she knows how people feel when their kids watch Social Justice channels and are convinced they are trans and want to have hormone therapy. I think the logic of Ben and Jordan is a better deal than the SJ PC BS the kids are being brainwashed with.

  • Surgeon Gaming Red

    I dont comment on you tube enough. This is absolute trash. Cannot believe this Kara Swisher lady. The worst part about this is average americans reaction to it. They brush it off or dont care. Some people support it. When all of us should be yelling a resounding NO, WHO DO YOU THINK you are Kara and how stupid do you think we all are. Unbelievable. And Jason lets make that debate happen. I WANNA SEE an intelligent person with different views debate Shapiro. Just pack a lunch because Shapiro is a debate master. I would love to see what you got Jason. I like you alot more than him. I would love to see this.

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