Canadian Gun Laws And Bill C-71 Update – This Isn’t Looking Good!

Law abiding gun owners in Canada will have their hands tied if Bill C-71 passes! They can expect an overhaul of the background check system, new record-keeping requirements for retailers and further restrictions on transporting a firearm. This does nothing to minimize gang violence because criminals don’t follow the rules! In this video Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth breaks down the liberals plan to turn Bill C-71 into law and how it will only hinder law abiding gun owners from being able to protect themselves and their families.

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  • The Channel

    This is to disarm people before G5 are noticeably harming and killing Canadians and were even regular non conspiracy crazed people will understand that their lives are threatened
    and begin to want defend their lives.

  • Luc Bilodeau

    Not a fan of the Canadian version of the NRA. I do believe in and am for more thorough background checks. It is a fact that criminals obtain firearms by any means available to them. In the case of gangs in T.O., they’re likely purchased illegally, stolen or smuggled into the city via the United States. The photo showing the handguns laid out would have most thinking illegal provenance I.e.: stolen shipment of firearms because of their similarities. If our law enforcement agencies can figure out how to stop the flow of illegal firearms into Canada’s big cities, we’d seriously curtail gun violence. It’s not as serious a problem as it is in States but, any crime where a person is murdered with anything is appalling.

  • Chaser ZX

    so an illegal gun was used in the shooting so the solution is to ban legal gun ownership? how are these people so illogical and ignorant

  • Rigid Liquid 945

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin. Where are the Rights and Freedoms of Canadians, when a tiny minority of activists advocate for the mass theft of legally owned personal property from millions of Canadians, under threat of deadly force by police raids if deemed necessary by our government? Why not do meaningful things to curb violence?

  • Sean Arnold

    We are not u.s.a. stop useing u.s.a in Canada if you do not like way Canada is keep useing u.s.a for thing .then move there

  • dunno yolo

    These fucking idiots are feeble NUTTS. Guns protect people and keep tyrannical government at bay period. Criminals will always kill people till the end of Humanity no stopping that Dumb Fucks!

  • Sean Arnold

    People new is fake. All we know that guy shoot them 2 people. I few bad I pray for there family. That guy had gun use it. Problems works whit the government

  • dunno yolo

    And no Doctor needs to rip people off and get payed outrageous dollars if they want to save people total bullshit! $$$$$$$$$ Crooks

  • bbtesla

    Are you ready for your government issued cock meat sandwiches? What, you ain’t got no stinking gun rights? Only the Canadian Gov, cops and criminals can possess guns? Yet, Canada’s Homos and Identifiy with Whateveeeeeeeeeeeer, ones rights are held up high in the law? Boys and Girls, they are taking your guns away so they can f*ck you in the ass.

  • Emmerson Motta

    First they take your guns, then they take your freedom and after that they take your life, Hitler and the Nazis did the same with the Jewish people inside German before send them to the concentration camps the communist regimes did exactly the same.

  • Mark W

    Everyone needs a weapon for self preservation and protection of family. Criminals do not abide by laws, they see the undefended as easy prey. When everyone is armed those psycho criminals get taken down 1st. Don’t bring Australia into your argument, we see crooks using knives, cars or what ever to kill, if we were all armed we can all shoot the crooks at the instant they get out of line. Guns don’t kill people, criminals kill people, wake the fuck up you scared fools rambling on in hysterics. Politicians or Government are inept, don’t involve them in an issue that they only want votes from, they have no knowledge, wisdom or motivation as to how to resolve any issue to everyone’s satisfaction. It is Governments and their Departments that are the primary criminal organisation, they want a disarmed citizenry because it is easy to control the individual/s by threat of legal force of arms, the cops come round and shoot you then tell a cover story to all the gullible fools. Government use the liars of MSM to persuade naive people through the use of trauma caused to individuals to convince society to do what those most scared of an armed citizenry to do, disarm. Research history and see your error.
    There is cause and effect, deal with the cause. That cause is government and departmental criminal cabal i.e. CIA drug and gun running just as an example.
    I am not risking a criminal harming my family because you are scared and live in fear, you allow them to own and control you through fear. Don’t force your fear ideology on me, your a minority. If you cant deal with common sense reality go to the world of Frozen where everything is cool, calm and white.
    Take down criminals or allow honest righteous God fearing people to do it, for all the good you haven’t done step aside. I wouldn’t give criminals any mercy, I would wipe the slate of them and I bet honest strong people fed up with the screaming would stand by me in any action to take down criminal cabals.
    In these times of turmoil, in near future, ammunition will be currency. It has been before and will be again, why do you think they call it a shot glass?
    Think about it people! The strangest Secret is ‘observe what ever everybody else is doing then do the complete opposite and you will never do anything wrong (or to jeopardise yourself or family) for the rest of your life’. Dont follow the herd, dont be a Lemming, it will end you and your family. Be a winner, think for yourself.
    Condolences to those that lost loved ones, if I were there and armed I wouldn’t have hesitated in shooting the criminal and preserving the life of your loved one. That’s the difference, the man behind the trigger, not the gun!


    Molon labe ……come and take em fukkers you want a civil war you want blood shed you cant push us any farther demand dissobediance

  • politicalprisoner2

    Now I’m going to tell you, that not a one of you has a lick of sense about you. That none of you appreciates the serious role of Arms in the world today or at any other time and what that means to your supposed Freedom. You are already perilously over the line and Ripe for Invasion by a foreign power. Disarming your families and cities in the face of what the rest of the world is engulfed in, is sheer madness. Lets look at Bagdhad shall we? That’s YOUR Town now. How’s life going for you now? You got invaded and overrun and you were unarmed to do anything about it, because you just Damn THREW DOWN and DEMANDED that some other bastard pick up YOUR OWN Personal Responsibility to Defend YOUR Personal Lives and Homes and Towns from the Invading Hordes. Laugh all you like, it’s coming as Right as Rain. An when it hits you in little spits and flashes, you lie to yourselves and call it from within to further absolve yourselves of YOUR OWN PERSONAL DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to Defend yourselves. I believe there was a day, or perhaps many days, when mandatory possession of Arms and training therewith was a Standard for being a Law Abiding member of society. I believe they used Honest Money then as well. The financial devastation of the currency is also overlooked in favor of Demands to be rid of such Barbarous Relics as gold and silver and guns, thus furthering the Demand that some other bastard is Responsible for Me and MY OWN PERSONAL FINANCIAL SECURITY so I can continue to be a TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE SOCIALIST LOSER for the MOST IMPORTANT issues in my life. The kind of stuff that determines whether you are a Free Man or a Slave in this world.

  • Jim Ewing

    Banning guns isn’t the solution. Guns are just tools. This is a ploy to have more control over people. Once guns are banned and confiscated, all dissenters will be done away with. I highly recommend listening to the audio version of “The Gulag Archipelogo”, by Alexander Solzhenitsin, available on here — because that is what they’re still trying to do to the whole world. An armed society is a polite society.

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