Confirmed: Canadian military action against ISIS in Iraq and Syria – Is WAR the solution?

On, Oct 7th. 2014, the Canadian House of Commons voted in favour of sending Canadian aircraft and personnel to join coalition airstrikes in Iraq against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria targets. Canadian warplanes, special forces troops, and other supplies are being sent to Iraq to take part in combat missions against ISIS.


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  • marcus 1947

    In WW2, Canada was one of the first country’s to send troops to help fight the evil Germans. I’m very sadden to see that the voting was almost split! ISIL has been Beheading, crucifying, raping women, & children on YouTube! & our government is split on helping the Iraqis??? Pretty pathetic, that’s showing me that my country is heading toward being a communist regime soon!

  • Brainmalfuction

    very naive statement  although i agree the was is bull shit and its for more reasons than the security of our country However when you have an army like ISIS with a 500 million dollar bank roll you have to take that seriously
    your view as it would seem is to fight the man because its his war but that dose nothing to affect the immediate threat  
    these people that are in ISIS can not be reckoned with in any other way than to beat their forces down to a manageable level it would be nice if the USA dident fund them along with Saudi oil barons but thats aint gonna stop with a protest
    it may not seem like a problem sitting here in North America (if thats where you are ) but when things start to happen here it will be too late
    just my 2 cents   

  • Reprisal Within

    Simple? I don’t think so buddy. The only way to rid the fear, hate and greed is to extinguish the human race. Your point is easier said than done. Good luck. There is an asteroid coming by in a couple of decades. If it comes through the “keyhole” maybe you’ll get lucky. 

  • Dallas Gibson

    they choose to sign up they know what thier getting into. some people want a different type of challenge and some people plain out like combat.

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