FBI Declassifies Over 1,500 Documents On Sandy Hook Massacre

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Over 1500 documents pertaining to the Sandy Hook shooting have just been released by the FBI. I witness accounts as well as interviews with neighbors and schoolmates of Adam Lanza have all been recorded and is included in this release although much of the information has been heavily redacted. The release of the Sandy Hook documents comes just days before the CIA is set to release the remaining classified JFK files. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth points out that this is no coincidence and that the intelligence communities now seem to be setting their sights on anyone who researches and exposes false flag operation such as the Kennedy assassination false flag and the Sandy Hook shooting false flag.

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  • Morti Miserable' leDeplorable'

    It is all about misdirection. The puppetmasters are the best magicians out there. Ooh, looky over there……! (useful idiots).


    Am I wrong but I found out the school wasn’t even being use
    And the whole thing was acted out
    Also on Dec the 25 of that year everyone’s home loans were mysteriously paid off in full on that date. So now what do you say
    Please someone tell me what you think.

  • Baylee B

    The majority of those ‘killed’ have since showed up as crisis actors at multiple False Flag events. Cut the crap people!

  • askarainbow

    This is some kind of further obscuring of any truth !! There is no Adam Lanza. nancy lanza ( the one who was murdered by her ficti tious son) is also a fiction. And most important of all, no one died at Sandy Hook. This is now being published for some nefarious purpose to further muddle the waters and make one think that anything about Sandy Hook was real or legit !

  • The Write In President

    England has NEVER stopped Ruling the U.S. and the so called WAR of 1776 is only known to us through BOOKS wrote by George Washington, and all the other FOUNDING FATHERS who themselves were FREE MASON Satanist, and by the ACT of 1871 the U.S. Company was turned into the United States Corporation and our COMPANY FLAG that is now the U.S. CORPORATE FLAG… How about that? You SWEAR AN OATH to that Satanic U.S. FLAG!!! Not me, Flowers instead of FLAGS when we get to our New Earth under the New Heaven!!! In Christ Jesus ALMIGHTY Name… Amen… #NOTMYFLAG

  • davekpghpa

    Justification for the existence of a kid that probably never even existed. I don’t believe a damn thing that is released by our 100% hijacked government.

  • irishspiritedgal

    You can’t be serious with this? Who gives a serious crap what LIARS have to say, let’s get on with life people and stop patronize corporate welfare whores!

  • Kathleen Hernandez

    Let’s see … an unfamiliar condition at the time that is now epidemic and yet children in the US get arrested for behaviors under 12 they can’t control yet this teen breeches gov security and is offered job … Okay then?

  • TYT Are Ballbag As Fuck And Race Baiting Dildos

    Is this dude really this dull? This guy is controlled opposition. Sandy hook is, was and always will be a high level dhs drill gone live with the purpose of instilling fear in the citizenry and to push for stricter gun laws and mental health measures in children.

  • Ruddy Relent

    … criminal elements in the CIA, lol… The CIA is biggest criminal organisation on earth, whos NOT a criminal element in there… janitors maybe.

  • TYT Are Ballbag As Fuck And Race Baiting Dildos

    A warning to all watching this video… The following list are super shills that have been tasked with lying and intimidating people that are seeking truth regarding the fake Sandy hook shooting: mavis riley jr, Brian Neal, tgear77, Stephen Waddock, Phillip Franklin and bigerash.

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