Global Bank Balance Sheets Show A MASSIVE Dollar Crash On The Horizon!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen who broke down central bank balance sheets and gold holding since 2008.

An absolutely shocking view of what is going on behind closed doors in the global banking system.

As the Federal Reserve buys up massive amounts of debt and essentially bails out the system only to create a far heavier risk in the near future, the numbers are doubling, tripling and quadrupling and then some.

The fundamentals are off the table in the monetary system due to the level of manipulation, so we don’t know when the crash is going to happen but we DO know it is indeed going to happen. All fiat currency eventually reverts to its intrinsic value of zero.
In John’s research, he added up 80 of the world’s central banks including the ECB.

The central banks in 2008 had approximately
$22,979,547,165,017.40 on their balance sheets.
Since 2008, banks including the ECB and Fed have been buying up massive amounts of debt including their own. Banks like the Swiss National Bank have been buying up US stocks. This essentially props up the US stock market artificially. Central banks have oddly become investors in stocks.

The Bank of Japan has gone into negative interest rates. They’ve bought their own debt as well. They also own about 50% of all the ETFs in Japan and are buying up assets throughout the world.
Moving from 2008, the 2016 world GDP was $75,278,000,000,000.00, up 97.66%. The increase in the ballance sheets since 2008 has been enormous. The number has gone from 22 trillion to $73,514,337,786,244.50.

John breaks down many more numbers that are alarming to say the least.

This all adds up to the end result we are likely to witness soon. A vast decimation of the global monetary system as the IMF attempts to push their SDR world currency on the populace as countries swap out of the US world reserve currency.

When this system comes crashing down, and it will, people will either be prepared or they will not be, and most will not be.

A populace in debt is a populace in servitude and it’s just where the state wants us which is largely why the vast public do not know anything about this horrifying issue.

Stay tuned as we continue to break down this subject!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

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  • Charles H

    It doesn’t even matter any more. EVERYTHING is so manipulated and money is no longer cash – it’s just an illusion. This shit can literally go on forever.

  • Gary Kings Blank

    I am still going with food being the catalyst to the crash – based on the rapid cooling and inconsistent weather that has always followed after a warming stretch in the 206 year cycle (pick your favorite Grand Solar Min – but is has started.). Gotta admit if it were not true on the Central Banks and current system (if this were a fiction movie) people would be saying this is crazy non-sense. In ten years a couple billion less folks will be around – best case.

  • Knave Child

    Demonetized by the ADL? That wouldn’t happen to be run by Jews would it? The Jews that own and run everything and want to enslave and destroy all non-Jews?

  • wayne mcclory

    Friday on FOXBusiness Bank of America announced that the S&P will drop at least 10% starting from Friday 13 until Valentine’s Day. I’m thinking more like 40%. And yes I’m buying gold and silver coins from my local coin shop every week.still.

  • redtroika

    keep demanding higher interest rates and unwinding of the balance sheet to crush the market manipulators. It will be beautiful.

  • No Fix

    In order to carry out the mandate of implementing unsustainable entitlement spending and indebtedness that the people demand, the democratically elected government must have a Ponzi banking system.

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