Japanese Bankers Are FURIOUS As Economy Destabilizes! – Bank of Japan Is DESPERATE!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent news out of Japan as Japanese bankers make private complaints against the Bank of Japan regarding their purchase of corporate bonds at negative interest rates. The bankers are demanding they stop this practice.
Since February, the Bank of Japan has continuously bought company notes at yields below zero at monthly operations which is causing a lot of concern and anger.
Bankers are worried that they will have to reduce the interest rates they place on loans if this downward pressure continues to be placed on corporate borrowing costs in the credit market. This is hurting the banks’ profitability over all.
While the monetary system falters as all fiat systems inevitably do throughout history going back to 1024 AD in China, it certainly doesn’t help that the banks are all technically insolvent. Both sides of this argument are facing the fire.
With vast manipulation in the markets, Japan has been seeing ETF holdings skyrocket, largely coming from the BOJ. On top of that, the Yen is getting weaker as vast amounts are printed and debt climbs higher at a constant rate.
This is another example of vast central planning and the need for individuals to break free from that centralized paradigm, be self sustainable and financially responsible and not be so willing to bow to everything the government and banking system do.
The banks and government want a dependent populace and that does not benefit the individuals living in Japan, placed into a collective order that is constantly used for the benefit of the establishment. The people of Japan must look outside the current financial complex and build their own independent structure. Especially as the central bank attempts to pull them into a centrally planned cashless society!

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Junokaii

    The thing l hate about all this, is that this is the GOVERNMENT’S fault! Purely! They blew all the money on stupid crap without consulting the people. Japan’s centralization culture combined with Democracy has failed!

  • parkerbohnn

    That imbecile Ben Bernanke copied what Japan did now America’s debt to GDP ratio is well above 100 meaning America soon will be in the same boat as Japan. Special footnote: America lies about the true GDP rate which is much lower than the bullshit Trump states.

  • Smufter16

    They were a MUCH better society under an Emperor. The western model has corrupted Japan. Quality of life is not just about things and money. It more about culture and tradition.

  • R R

    AND ECB HAS DESTROYED EUROPE’S ECONOMY AS WELL. And all pension funds/savings are also being destroyed by Central Banks.

  • NahRahSah

    Spent decades in finance. You guys are kinda misleading but whatever. We are 2nd in the world in ignorance so why bother?

  • wayne mcclory

    It’s all crashing so get your money out of the stock market and buy gold and silver ! Look, Russia just sold all of their US Treasuriesand used the money for GOLD. That was just last week and on Monday the Chinese will sell so they can crush the dollar and buy Gold.

  • George P

    Japan Government (control mind) is controlled like every other by Private Central banks that print their Fiat currencies …

  • The March Hare

    This * Thumbs Up * , I clicked on for the video, was ONLY for the AWESOME. KAMIKAZE voice by our friend John. Lol

  • AddresseeNot Recognized

    Its inevitable that all fiat goes to zero, this time is no different to all the other times that the common person unwittingly consented to work for paper; all he can do is salvage what he can with hard assets while some fools still think it has value. Oh, and stop obeying , recognize only your own authority.

  • Amrican man

    So let me see if I get this right your saying it’s all coming to a end real soon but you want us to spend what small amount of money we have on keeping your channel alive?! I don’t think so Buddy
    Now why can’t you just tell us what and when since you know so much how do we not know if your trying to help set up a market slow down or a crash by spread ding bad news.

  • 777Wolf777

    Decades ago, people got it easy. Middle class people worked harder and harder, longer and with more than one job these days, just to have and maintain a home. It was always worse for the poor, but we all know that. If people work any harder than they are today just to maintain a country, then the country will implode.

  • Jacob Salvia

    Okay, so the treasury values gold at $42 an oz and silver at $1.70/oz. The spot price is the price of gold in the ground, not bullion. So how do we reconcile this with the call to buy bullion at the spot price? Where do we go to buy gold and silver at the treasury valued rates like governments do?

  • Rick Smàll

    I stack solar cells.
    Solar cells on an E-trike saves me $10k/yr, gas oil etc.
    I use solar cells to charge tools etc.
    $2500 investment saves $10k/yr every yr until all switch to Solarism.

  • Justin M

    everyone warning against global currency for years, one world governmentism…. and you all buy into crypto currencies… which is becoming global…. IS it really going to save you? or will it enslave you as well?

  • bullsnutsoz

    Japan has been enslaved by anglo american banks since WW2. They Japs tried to pull out but were given Tsunamis by undersea Nuke weapons and the bankes Haarp causing Fukushima disaster.
    Its a great system the bankers run; the have the US military ;Wall st; Haarp and all the CIA; MI6 ,mossad and AsIo doing their pirate bidding.All the while these demonic pedophiles rape murder and steal our children
    If you dont go along with their pillaging its simple; they will either financially scuttle you, their military will invade and destroy you or Haarp will cause you all types of “natural” disasters.
    Australian farmers are now being bankster foreclosed off their land by “natural disaster drought” banker created which has ruined their incomes…you may ask here : who benefits from this…read the above again.Slavery!

  • gary baker

    Communism failed, socialism failed, capitalism failed ,all ism’s fail, every system devised by humans fail why? because we are a failed sinful race we have rejected our Creator our heavenly Father and have been given deluded minds….Now is the time to turn back to God through Jesus Christ , repent and confess your sins call on the name of Jesus your savior to rescue you for eternity then obey HIS COMMANDS and live.

  • james david

    John and Josh. Which one is the ventriloquist? And which one is the dummy? Kind of hard to answer that question, as they on keep switching roles. Only foolin… they’re kind of cool in their over zealous school boy approach. I think they are dedicated and passionate in their beliefs…not the worst way to run a channel…Kudos boys…

  • Bernie Smith

    Unfortunately we must buy our food, pay our taxes, medical, and fuel with fiat! Venezuela is free from currency units now that their money is worth less…and they are in the shit! If you have a better plan I would love to hear it?

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