Jay Leno CALLS OUT Late Night TV! – Says Hosts Are One-Sided

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news that Jay Leno, former host of The Tonight Show laments the one-sided bias of current late night talk show hosts.
Leno said he always took after hosts like Johnny Carson and would get called out from both sides equally. He was constantly accused of having one bias or another. According to Leno, that has changed. “Everyone needs to know your politics” Leno said, referring to today’s hosts.
“When people see you as one sided, it makes it tough.” Leno added.
Late night television just isn’t funny anymore. Everyone is trying to avoid controversy while all regurgitating the exact same talking points one would find in the media on a regular basis. Meanwhile, the Trump himself is far funnier just walking around and doing every day stuff compared to those who impersonate him. It’s just the sad reality of modern day comedy. You can’t say anything funny or people will come after you. You basically repeat boring talking points under the guise of knowledge when in reality you are just reading a script.

This is one of the many reasons people are fleeing television for the internet and medias are begging people to come back, all while continuously droning on about the same copied and pasted nonsense. Leno is not wrong.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • Michael nunya

    It’s no secret that America is completely divided among a variety of areas. There is no centre and there is no discussions on meeting in the middle. The topic of late is of a fait accompli for a civil war.

  • FootballJunkie

    Trump is like hearing the exact same joke with the exact same punch line about 5-10 times a day, every single day. It gets old fast

  • Dan Taz

    Leno kept it classy! Conan was ok too, all these new guys are effeminate lil B^$%tches that can’t handle reality. It **IS** gross to watch….

  • Chad Thunder Koch

    I rarely watched leno and carson and tv in general back then, nowadays i dont even have cable just internet because i despise paying for garbage propaganda

  • Rage Against The Dem-Machine

    Colbert and Kimmel are the worst. They’re a joke. The entire show is Trump jokes. And who’s their sources? CNN, MSNBC, ABC.. mainstream media puppets. It’s garbage and lies. All of it. Carson is spinning in his grave.

  • joe shmoe

    When will the idiot American’s finally wake up from the brainwashing? When you believe in the system and choose a side, you instantly create divison amongst yourself and the people. CHOOSe to NOT CHOOSE and stop being adult baby idiots.

  • Martin Liehs

    Never was a big fan of late night TV talk/comedy shows. I only know Leno from his classic car and motorbike hobby via Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube. He is a class act, and what Hollywood should be.

  • williewaterbug

    Leno has class. He understood he was a comedian not a news anchor. And he understood America is predominately center right. But the Marxists takeover of Hellywood controllers of the left know that and they have to force their actors to slam President Trump, Conservatives, and Christians, every night to try to brainwash viewers. Its sad so many people actually think late night comedians are real news. They are sell outs who hate America and anyone who disagrees with their marxist owners views. Remember China And Saudi Arabia own large amounts of Hellywood. And these actors who live in gated communities have the audacity to slam capitalism as they are multimillionaires. Priceless! Sick! They are media slaves and paid hirelings who have whored out our nation’s airwaves for money.. So sad.

  • rin bickmin

    I watched the daily show when Bush was president and they criticised the hell out of him. Then when Obama was elected and was dropping bombs on wedding parties and wiping out entire families, the daily show would say nothing. I could see then the double standard and stopped watching. It only got worse after that and has infected most media and hollywood. I boycott.

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