Shootings in Ottawa, Canada – 10/22/14 – Terrorism? False Flag? More War? What do Canadians do now?

On Wednesday October 22nd, 2014, in Ottawa, Ontario, the Capital of Canada, a 32 year old man, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, shot and killed a Canadian Solider, Corporal Nathan Cirillo, as he stood guarding the National War Memorial. Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau then ran inside Parliament where he continued to fire more shots until the House of Commons Sargent-At-Arms, Kevin Vickers, shot a killed him.

In this video i discuss my thoughts on this event.

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Ottawa shooting: Terror attack chatter but no specific threat

October 7th, 2014 – ISIS mission: MPs approve Canada’s air combat role

October 16th, 2014 – Bill proposed to give CSIS tools to investigate, track and prosecute potential terrorists

October 22nd, 2014 – Attack in Ottawa could increase calls to give CSIS more power

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  • Taylor Simmans

    I am ALL over this with you! Tons of crap going on with this one. Is there any relevance to the 13 year anniversary to the 9-11 World Trade Center Scam? I believe these poor Individuals to be sacrifices and it is sad. There always seems to be just 1 person who ends up dying … not masses of people … just 1 …. why is it always 1? 1 American Journalist, 1 France, 1 Brit, 1 more American,1 more Brit,  1 Canadian in Montreal ….1 Canadian at a War Memorial … of all IRONIC places ….. is it due to small collateral damage? All is gonna lead to a move towards a Ground Invasion …… WATCH!  Up here in NW Ontario the school districts had MOCK EMS Responses at schools across the North Shore that very morning. Publicized a DAY BEFORE!

  • Waldschrats Outdoor Kitchen

    …this was an impressing speech, young man, that gives hope, that people still are able to think for themselfes, and for others, I live in Vienna, Austria, but problems are the same overall…. 

  • joe macdonald

    I live in canada, born and raised, and I have tried for many years to warn people about the fallacies and illusions of the monetary system as well as about the indoctrination that everyone has been brainwashed with. The monetary system is nothing more than an enslavement system based on the pyramid and that the enslavement is not bonds and chains but with how the system is set up. For instance, in order to get a job you have to go to school which not only teaches you the essentials of math, english, etc, but it also indoctrinates you to obey authority, to accept conformity, and to perform repetitive routines. Once you have been properly molded to meet the monetary system’s requirements you then have to be productive not only to keep the economic machine running but for your own sustenance and shelter as well. Without money you can’t buy food, buy clothing, or even pay rent for a roof over your head! You can’t even go to the wilderness and make a cabin or home for almost all of the land in canada is either owned by the crown (queen), other people, and corporations. Also, a lot of it is leased to mining companies as well so good luck trying to pitch a tent in their place! There are also laws in canada that permit people to only camp in canada for 42 days out of the entire year which is complete bullshit!!! It’s all been set up that way to entrap the people into the never ending cycle of the economic machine that only benefits the few!
    Time to wake up people! Life can exist without a monetary system and a non-monetary, non-currency, paradigm for the people can exist as well!!! However, I’m afraid my post will be invisible for many while only reaching the few as it has been for these past years and I believe that only when the privileges known as rights and freedoms are taken away will people start to act! Perhaps it may not be too late by then, we shall see soon enough!   

  • John Ackerson

    Dedicated Dragon is the operational name for a summer long mufti-faceted platform of drills and exercises that culminated in the Parliament Hill shooting drill.  CBC especially, has been caught in a huge lie pushing false evidence they allegedly received from official sources of bullet holes in the wall, yet the the alleged bullet holes were already there as can be seen in a 2013 Google virtual tour inside Parliament! Same wall, same marks on the wall, same pattern!

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