This Is How YouTube Strangles Content Creators!

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    It’s kind of ironic how the supposedly alt. media are making money by using mainstream media advertising. If you aren’t part of the mainstream media then why should they give you their money? Maybe people should boycott Youtube advertising and stop monetizing their videos.

  • FreedomEquality

    You are fake news buddy. That’s why you aren’t getting paid! And why don’t you get a job instead of trying to beg your viewers to pay you ?

  • J Glad

    Just start a 100% pro Israel/AIPAC supporting propaganda channel to generate revenue… then your real news channel won’t even need to make any money, because you will have all the corporate/commercial fake-jew-news money you can handle, like CNN, Fox and RT.

  • democracy forever

    Okay so I have a little bit of confusion here I receive email notifications from you as I have subscribed. So can’t you change platforms (I believe vidme is one) and then get them to send notifications so when I click on the email it takes me to your video. I realize you have to gradually switch and let everyone know to subscribe on the alternative platform. Now I admit I don’t know if they pay or as you monetize channels but it would be worth starting to explore tif there are alternatives. This is just a brain storming comment as I want all non mom to succeed as a viewer but quite frankly there are a lot of them to support. This makes it virtually impossible to donate to everyone

  • L. Charles Burch

    I walked away from monitization years ago. The ads take your viewers away from your video content when they click on them. I found that to be counterproductive. There are also alt news friendly sponsors out there like, Get The Tea, Liberty Food Packs, etc. AMTV, Next News Network and Lisa Haven post their affiliate links to get commissions. Just a thought. ☺

  • Bestbrushstroke

    Well I saw THIS video on youtube, how did you manage to get THIS one up? I also read somewhere that google as beginning to censor videos that were not advertiser friendly.

  • Key Maker

    social media was created to do this … why is this not obvious .. these platforms are not organic businesses making a profit .. that is utter rubbish

  • tbuitendyk

    Hi Dan, thanks for taking a stand against the beast. Just a thought, have you reached out to others who might be facing the same beast censorship such as that guy at “AMTV”? Maybe you guys can work out strategies together to defeat this garbage…?

  • Valentin Costache

    I would leave this fascist piece of shit site in a heartbeat, censored Youtubers should unite and make their own private streaming site/platform

  • serving Jesus

    Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook and other tech giants and notables met with Pope Francis in 2015, 2016 and agreed to co-operate with the Vatican regarding Internet content. This situation has just begun to affect free speech NWO

  • Hyperborean

    I got a notice from YouTube where I had to accept that one of my playlists were deleted. The playlist contained videos from other YouTube accounts. Absolutely crazy.

  • jack schitt

    we need 1 or 2 more video uploading sites, incorporated outside of US, to compete with youtube without censoring.  Even if private funding able to keep free lance video creator going, eventually youtube would start limiting bandwidth  or even  banning certain video creator for anti deep state content.

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