TOP 10 JFK Assassination Smoking Guns (2017 Documentary)

In this brand new documentary, Josh Sigurdson breaks down the top ten JFK assassination smoking guns.
Following the announcement that President Donald Trump would follow through with Senate Bill 3006 and release the rest of the Kennedy assassination documents which are likely to be highly redacted and sure to fit under the category of a “limited hangout”
It gives gives us the perfect opportunity to break down the top ten smoking guns.

It starts with number 10, the secret service stand down.

Moments before the first bullet hit JFK, the secret service were ordered to stand down. This has had security experts scratching their heads for decades.

Number 9, The Warren Commission.

The Warren Commission was called to the task of investigating the death of JFK immediately following the shocking event in Dealey Plaza.
Gerald Ford who would be president 11 years later was one of the main men behind the commission and claimed he was pressured to change the wording of the investigative reports to benefit the official narrative of the story. He also claimed the CIA had deliberately destroyed and hid evidence.

Number 8, Jack Ruby.

Jack Rubenstein was thought to have worked with the mob and was seen by many in the weeks leading up to Kennedy’s death meeting with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Number 7, Oswald a CIA agent? A patsy? Or Both?

Many of the top JFK biographers including the late Jim Marrs believe Oswald was a low level CIA agent.
Oswald was once a Marine stationed at a CIA base in Japan.
Marina Oswald to this day believes Lee worked with the CIA.
He quickly befriended George de Mohrenschildt who was in the CIA, a man who was friends with George H W Bush and whose brother Dimitri was one of the founders of the CIA’s Radio Free Europe and Amcomlib.

Number 6, the Nixon/Watergate connection.

In 1959, Nixon, then Vice President oversaw Operation 40 which was a CIA hit squad meant to take out foreign leaders and enemies. After the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba which Operation 40 took part in under Kennedy, JFK refused to further invade. Many believe this was part of the reason he was killed.
CIA agents E Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis were heavily involved. Both were later caught in the Watergate break in.

Number 5, the grassy knoll.

Countless people witnessed a shooter in the grassy knoll. Alternate footage was seized by the FBI, never to be seen again.
In 1976, the US house of representative select committee on assasinations was established and the committee found that there was likely a shooter in the grassy knoll and that there was an elaborate conspiracy which lead to the death of JFK.

Number 4, the Book Depository & the gun.

Oswald was a marksman in the Marines which means he was likely not a very good shooter. Yet somehow he managed to get off 3 shots in 6 seconds and meet a moving target with each shot through trees. The gun he allegedly used was a 6.5×52mm Carcano Model 91/38 infantry rifle, a gun that’s incredibly difficult to shoot efficiently. Even the Warren Commission expert marksman re-enactment with the rifle failed.

Number 3, the magic bullet.

The bullet entered Kennedy at a downward trajectory, stopped in mid air between Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally, made a right turn, stopped again a couple inches later, made a left turn and proceeded. Connally received injuries to his wrist, chest and thigh.

Number 2, Oswald after shooting timeline.

Oswald had an opportunity to escape, however he immediately ended up 4 floors down and on the other side of the building seen by witnesses in the lunch room having a coke. He then caught a bus, got off, got in a cab to his rooming house, changed clothes, picked up a gun, walked 3 quarters of a mile, was stopped and confronted by officer J. D. Tippit due to a witness report of a white male, around 30 years old and 5’10” which fit most men in Texas in 1963. Not to mention, the witness made this description from 6 floors down. Oswald allegedly shot the officer and decided to go to a movie.
The story is laughable at best.

Number 1, death bed confessions and other high ranking officials.

E Howard Hunt, one of the high ranking CIA officials at the time of event and a man who went to jail for the Watergate break in came out on his death bed in a series of tapes and videos where he claimed he was a benchwarmer for “the big event” which was basically a conspiracy pushed by LBJ to kill Kennedy.
Jackie Kennedy said in a tape released in 2011 that she believed LBJ was behind her husband’s death.
L Fletcher Prouty who served as Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy claimed the Kennedy assassination was a carefully planned job and was a major coup de tat.
Prouty says Oswald was framed.

All of this barely scrapes the surface. There’s the secret society speech which was more just a speech to the press. There’s Kennedy’s opposition to Operation Northwood, the false flag scheme.


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  • royce davis

    Documents will not be original. I believe they will have been rewritten using high-tech methods or will have been deeply redacted. Useful idiots, don’t believe what you read when these documents are released. Are you to be considered fools? Who controls the usa? Could it be the same ones who removed JFK? Just thoughts.

  • N V

    This is the most twisted case ever, a case made to test for smartest person… What if Elon Musk asks this in an interview? 😛

  • C Medrano

    All these smoking guns done to throw you off from the truth. What ‘s the truth? It was one big hoax. A maniquin replaced JFK as Jackie set off the squib explosion.

  • N V

    New Hot news: Indian Govt. bails out its PSBs before collapse… 32 billion USD. Amount may not seem much but its over 1% of Indian GDP.

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