We NEED To Talk About The SBSK YouTube COMMENTS Controversy!

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In an effort to rid their platform of pedophiles YouTube has decided to remove the ability for anyone to comment on videos that contain “minors”. According to the official YouTube blog “Any content — including comments — that endangers minors is abhorrent and we have clear policies prohibiting this on YouTube”. Unfortunately not all well intentioned ideas go according to plan as YouTube just incorrectly removed the ability to comment on the YouTube channel know as SBSK or “Special Books By Special Kids”! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows why this is clearly a mistake on the part of YouTube while pleading to the PFT audience to contact @TeamYouTube to inform them of this mistake and to also sign the petition to have comments reinstated on the SBSK channel.











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  • Ophelia .

    They say their aim is to crackdown on predatory behaviour, but until I see them shutting down kids doing explicit things on YouTube channels, instead of monetizing them, I’m gonna call complete *bullshit*

  • Russell

    No thats a lie. Desmond is amazing still has his comments section available despite the fact the ten year old strips in gay clubs for.money. also hasbro still has kids videos and they have comments enabled too. Youtube has made lots of money off of kids. But this bs is for show, only targeting upstanding creators.. Desmond is amazing is still uploading videos of himself stripping in gay clubs, for money. This is real. This is the standard of youtube.

  • jhand43

    There is only one fix. YouTube was a public forum and open to all. Just because its owned by a private company should not give them the right to side step the 1st amendment of free speech and a free press. They , google made created an open and free of censorship platform. I would encourage posters to move to Bitchutt and let google have there platform back for their corporate sponcers ti sell there wares on

  • Barb MacMaster

    This is a set up to stop communication between people discussing subjects they don’t agree with, this is just the beginning. They will control us come hell or high water even at the expense of the disabled. They only care about control.

  • J Kerfont

    Dan the ‘real’ problem is conspiracy theories not pedos on YT… 7channawesome? I believe was recently charged and been a registered sex offender. Cmon. Horseshit. If a YT vid gets de-monetized for the chan does YT get the ad clicks $ despite ?

  • Kathya Simpson

    Desmond the child tranny channel is still.on going with comments. What about that? Child abuse that’s what it is …

  • Irvingstine

    And funny enough all the Desmond is amazing and the Canadian one lactatia. All the comments are still intact figure that out actual child sexualization is okay

  • RobertMStahl

    The Cold War Continues

    See Bill Binney on LaRouchePAC Videos from early March. There is no other fix, not up front. What do you REALY think? Actors, only bad. What is IT about?

    *ThinThread,* our ONLY hope?

  • Mendax Venandi

    Just awful. . At first I assumed the new algorithm would target and eliminate anyone discussing the problem of pedos in Hollywood and government.. which it probably will in the near future. ‘Claim they are helping, in reality they are closing the curtains’ sort of thing.

  • Jason Blenkiron

    Any hint of paedo comments on YouTube should be stopped…if that means that creators loose the right to read the comments until some way can be found to auto block these deviants then it must be.

  • BiddieTube

    I can not sign that, because, there are more than one channels effected by this censoring program. This video certainly does make the point on how bad this new censoring program is. We need to stand up and get the new censoring program stopped. Youtube already does have a system in place to handle the problem of inappropriate and malicious comments. We do not need more regulations and censoring. Not thumbing down this video, I can’t thumb down yours. It is actually a good video, but you should support all channels, not just one. As mentioned though, this video does make the point and show how horrible MORE CENSORING is.

  • Miqlos

    How to turn things around? It starts in your own head.
    About paedophilia: In theory paedophilia is an innate sexual orientation. In reality it’s an innate a-sexual orientation. Paedophiles are a small minority of about 1 percent of the population. Most of them never broke any laws regarding their a-sexual orientation. Meanwhile you were indoctrinated to believe that paedophilia is synonymous to child rape, child molestation, child traficking, and such atrocities. Well, it’s not!
    Every time you call those child molesters paedophiles, you demonize the vast majority of paedophiles, who never did anything to harm children. What gives you the right to demonize any minority for whatever reason? Do you get it? Any questions?

  • Vern Evens

    I wish that there was another platform that would destroy YouTube. I signed it and thery were at 197 thousand.

  • Scorpion Kitty

    I just noticed this and went to the comment section ready to read more about an issue or ask questions and I couldn’t. A lot of what he talks about I’ve never heard of and would love to be able to hear what other people think or know about it. It sucks I wasn’t able to do that

  • The Silent Majority Report

    Don;t believe youtube actually cares about children or pedophilia . Because if they did, they would disclose all the major players they protect. There are OTHER reasons why they are doing this. Many people are disclosing this child Pedo problem and many people posting evidence on yourube, so youtube doing this they take down evidence as well. These people are smarter then you give them credit for.

  • Neal Feldpausch

    Please sign petition. His comments section is a global support group. Please help a person who is trying to help other people!!! Please sign petition.

  • Justin Kirschenman

    I completely disagree that this policy came from well meaning intentions.

    If they meant well they would have gone after channels that actually sexually exploit children.

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