When It Comes To Kids In Hollywood We Need To Talk About The Parents!

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Hollywood has a parenting problem. The land of dreams can quickly turn to nightmares when a parent fails to properly protect their child. A swelling bank account and promises of fame can do strange things to the mind of a parent and those who lack a strong moral base, will become like sheep to the slaughter of ravenous wolves. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal more and more people are now coming forward to speak up about what goes on behind closed doors in Hollywood. Corey Feldman has recently launched a campaign to raise awareness about this issue so in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth opens up about his past as a child actor in Hollywood and how he dodged a bullet by having good parents who were looking out for his well being. Dan also encourages the viewer to help Corey on his mission and to encourage other parents out there to do the right thing when it comes Hollywood and your kids.

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  • Melanie Squier

    I 100% believe both him and Corey Haim and Macaulay caulken xcetera, these boys were raped whereas MOST not all women,kind of probably were willing ,it does not forgive the fact they have never given up names and it has continued for decades….. Unfortunately this makes them complicit. And it’s still going on right now.

  • Why Lie

    My feeling is this. If he was going to expose the satanic ritual associated with the pedophilia in Hollywood, I would be right there with you. He has had 7 years to name his accusers. One would be less likely to be killed once the names were out. He is a professional actor. I listen to my gut. My gut says, wait and see if he throws a nugget or if he indeed comes clean and talks about it all.

  • OUReality Radio

    For his own protection, Corey needs to name, names now! Once these parasites are exposed, donations will be pouring in! My Prayers go out to Corey and his family!

  • Seal-ed

    Certainly hundreds of children in immediate jeopardy are more than willing to WAIT for Corey to film, edit, produce and distribute his “movie” where he exposes these pedophile entertainment executives, right? I mean, it could also take a little time for Corey to collect all your donations to do this as well but hey, they can WAIT. Yeah, sure, these kids can surely WAIT for your big reveal, Corey. Take your sweet time. After all, a “movie” is far more powerful and impactful than any kind of IMMEDIATE release of who the culprits are, right? Pfft!

  • Like A Boss

    He shouldn’t have to do a documentary… he should lawyer-up and get protection then hold a press conference. THEN do a documentary. Something doesn’t sit right with his story. Safety in numbers Corey. Get others on your side. Bring these Zionist Pigs down. ??????

  • Live English Tutor

    Or unless you simply stop watching all of these garbage movies and TV shows. Same thing with all of these sports that do nothing good for you in the least. Be strong, a new form of being able to fill in our free time will come up and we can be better about who and what we decide to fill out time with.

  • jmcarp98

    Please….the good people of this world. Support PFT and Corey. We have a real chance here to make a difference in this screwed up world:(

  • theAbeElement

    oh my gosh I remember that maple leaf commercial! you were so cute! you have such good parents. reminds me of Elijah Wood, who has said his mom never allowed him to attend Hollywood parties or be alone with execs and managers.

  • Rembrandt

    So glad you made this video because this is what I’ve said all along but never had first hand experience to equate it to.

    Sell out, shit bag, parents.

  • Κασσάνδρα

    hollywood and the media spit out their stupid propaganda on the masses who are so dumbed down, Corey cant just come out and name names without playing by their rules, twisted yes but he is right, the others that are too scared need to come out and join him, and remember how much controversy that MRA film “Red Pill” caused? because feminists hated it? he has no other choice but to fight fire with fire, this is how the sheeple swallow info now

  • Break the Chains

    Just another ex celeb trying to cash in. They would have killed him by now if he was really planning on exposing big names. Get real. He’s been saying this for a while. He could get on his phone right now and name names but he waiting for $$$$. He’s helping the problem by staying silent. Does anyone really believe they’d let him keep threatening to name names if he wasn’t just another puppet? He should save other kids NOW by calling those perverts out long time ago. Geesh. Wake up or be part of the problem. He as to make a movie about it????? He’s trying to get his name back out there for music now. Ugh.im not saying it didn’t happen, I’m sure it did, but he’s going about this all wrong.

  • substation

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
    ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭6:12‬ ‭KJV‬‬

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