G20 Toronto — Provocateurs, Metal Cages and the Global Elite

With just one week left until the international banksters invade Toronto I went downtown with PFT members Steven Davies and Bryan Law to document all the activity surrounding the up and coming G20 summit. Three meter high metal fences surround the inner security perimeter known as “the red zone” and thousands of police have already taken to the streets in an unprecedented show of force.
While reporting near the CN tower I was surrounded by police who wanted to know who I was and what I was doing. I took the opportunity to inform them about our freedom of speech, freedom of the press, agent provocateurs and the difference between the mainstream media and Press For Truth. They eventually backed off (a few feet) and we continued our report.
For more information as the situation develops stay tuned to Press For Truth for our extensive coverage of the G8 and G20 summits.

Press For Truth Arrested While Reporting On The G20 Summit

G20 Toronto – Order Out Of Chaos

Police State Toronto – Terror Drill Caught On Tape

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  • The Renegade

    whoever this guy is talking, knows absolutely nothing about international and domestic banking. What a complete bullshitter. Lets see your phd and then start talking. The bank of canada has complete control over their interest rates

  • 2supperman

    You have shown us in a simple way the evil intent of the wealthy few. The banks are full of criminals who are lining their pockets on the backs of the workers and homeowners.

  • technocar2

    Very good…people are at least learning about the truth in Canada now if we can get the Americans to learn the truth as well.

  • RE:Think

    wow, this is amazing video very well done. I love how they were caught red handed provoking shit and the look on their faces

  • humanISvegan

    fuck off you fucking cops. IDIOTS you can eat my shit. stupid bastards. Dan dont be afraid bro. NO ONE RULES IF NO ONE OBEYS.

  • phoboskitty

    @AffableClam i was talking about the states where the average person has easy access to fire arms, places like the Sudan are where all out civil war has broken out, Northern Pakistan is pretty lawless and in a state of war too, Sri Lanka was also going through civil war, with the Tamil Tigers. my point is that police and the state could not get away with deadly and open repression because the population is an armed one ( even in peaceful times ) and will shoot back if pressed too much.

  • phoboskitty

    @AffableClam once the state is actually at war with some of its population it becomes more of a military issue and not a police issue there are places in the US for instance where the police do not go or patrol unless in numbers because its very dangerous for them to do so, if you look closely at these places there is always a history of police violence these are places where people might shoot back(and do) the cops in Greece are violent and corrupt and people throw fire bombs at them

  • King Slayer

    Why are people trying to achieve when they protest? they achieve nothing, it gets to bad they just call in the military, then no one fucks around anymore. You think thousand of people protesting are going to make a difference? lol never stopped the nazi’s

  • 2Durr

    Nice video man But Know you have to realize If you go on with this show,
    that what ever you do how in THE world Can you change de police and miltary
    while they(milatry) bust down on the ground their own demonstrating (policeofficers)?
    That is the important step to take good look at that is The golden thing in this conspiracy shit wright???because with out them they aint shit!
    every FACTshow that i have seen i concluded their are americans workin for them
    knowin they are wrong and they look away

  • Mujangga

    Perhaps the police would be less willing to try and intimidate innocent people if many police officers are killed like worthless pigs in the street?

  • Bunz Zok

    What is Truth ????? Pilate asked JESUS CHRIST and he walked away. Unless the protesters and the world knows the Truth their fight will come to nothing. It is spiritual

  • xNAJAFx

    there a spirital truth.
    there is a political economical elite that need to be exposed.
    the truth about IT and what it does, and how its done.

  • dwayners13

    That was the infamous officer bubbles @ 1:08. According to officer bubbles FB page he “collects human garbage”. That his term for all those he considers beneath him. Just be careful, he is really sensitive, especially the whole bubble nickname. He has a very fragile ego, so be nice & treat him like the rockstar his mommy told him was, he’ll sue if you don’t.

  • adam truth

    Please watch the real charly veitch he is a shill and will ask for donations and then report on the real activists

  • dwayners13

    Ah, did I hit a nerve with my comment? I really hate to disappoint you but I’m neither a girl or a ‘homosexual’, (which I would wager are your two favourite targets). It’s apparent from your inability to form complete sentences, you’re not the brightest women-beater/gay basher. Just do yourself a favour & give into to your suppressed urges to cross-dress &/or finally ask out the guy you’ve been eyeing in the gym. It’s okay, you don’t have to overcompensate for your obvious homoerotic desires.

  • masterpalladin

    Banking isn’t needed, real estate jobs aren’t needed, every government created currencies not just gold and we took the bait!

  • boring jones

    not only the G20 protests but whole protest “movement” itself were set up by the pigs(brought and paid for) for 1-attracting and identifying and diverting genuine dissenters.2-planting agent provocatuers and undercover pigs of all kinds to maintain control and do their dirty deeds. 3-its a massive “real world” live training exercise,they all get to spend(make)loads of money,dress up like”the borg” and have a good day out practising how to fence in and control large numbers of potentially hostile”natives”,and 4-they can practice shaping public perception about what actually happen through mainstream and their own”alternative”media-like the pointy toad in this film,he’s definitely one of them,he’s got a stupid pointy beard and he talks to pigs for a start,and they talk to him!?if he was an actual alternative media his teeth would be on the pavement and his big ginger arse would be in jail!!Truth dat!

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