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  • Iluminada Williams

    Even if we don’t believe in this Luciferian system, we need to live in this society. We can do a lot of things without submitting to this system, but STILL we need to get a driver’s license to be on the road! It is NOT that simple to unhook from “the matrix”!

  • SimplyThinkDreams

    @honeydippedxo Getting a birth certificate is a good thing because you can use it to prove citizenship and your age. It doesn’t give you permission to do anything but is very useful in proving the facts on it. A relationship with the SSA is more complicated but in now way does the SSN identify a person; rather, it identifies a business entity known as a trust. I go over this in my videos and you can learn about it at teamlaw . net

  • Lenon Honor

    @allen8iluminada One can drive without a drivers license but it will take a degree of “unplugging” from the system. It is not a simple process but it is possible. What I share with people is the possibility of dealing with the system with the highest degree of autonomy possible for each individual. Totally unplugging from the system is not absolutely necessary nor is it functional for most.

  • IWantMyVisionBack

    We enter this universe free from violence and negativity. It is only through programming that we receive from others or media, that we begin to hurt others.

    So they throw programs our way that make us act a certain way, just to make laws that says we can’t do what they told us to do? ie the use of violence to solve problems.


  • retrouvelapaix1111

    we do in contract but it is giving by god only if we believe that they control everything . everything come from source we shoose to see the rest. what ever come to me is from source point . i have learn that they control if we believe it .

  • Myron Buzzwannanots

    Your message is the Judeo-Christian message. Life is precious. Not cheap, as it is portrayed in “modern” society. We’ve “thrown away” 50 MILLION babies since 1973. (those #s would make Hitler blush.) THAT is a satanic bloodbath. I’m glad you had your children. The OVERWHELMING amount of abortions (40% of abortions in NYC 2009) are in the black community….talk about “subservience”. If you LQQK at the “eugenics movement” (i.e. planned parenthood) of the 1920s, classified blacks as “social weeds”

  • DarkRenaissance2012

    I can see it now… in a couple of years you will be speaking on the Freeman concepts in America 🙂 It would be much appreciated if you did. As of right now, the best speakers on the subject deal mostly with the UK, or some other ‘commonwealth” state…

  • Shoshanna Gutierrez

    How were you able to get away with not getting your children a birth certificate? Can’t the government take your kids away from you or fine you if you don’t? I’m just guessing that they do this, I’m not entirely sure…

  • TheExpatHome

    There are many options out there as to how you want to live your life. I think the whole point Honor is making in his teachings is that just by NOT ASKING what those options are shows how much you have been brainwashed! Thanks for the video.

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