Press For Truth Confronts “Officer Bubbles”

Written by Dan Dicks
The G20 Summit in Toronto will never be forgotten for many Canadians who witnessed the destruction of everything that makes us proud and patriotic. Our rights were violated, our city was terrorized and our police force have demonstrated that absolute power corrupts absolutely as in the case with Officer A. Josephs aka “Officer Bubbles”.
On September 11th 2010 Press For Truth videographer Bryan Law questioned Officer Bubbles about his behavior during the G20 summit to which he responded “I did my job, I’m a Police Officer”. At the time we felt that releasing a video would only further distract people away from the real issues of the G20 by focusing on the bubbles spectacle…however in light of the fact that Officer Bubbles has recently launched a 1.2 Million dollar lawsuit against YouTube in which 25 people are involved for leaving comments we felt it was time to show the world what Josephs had to say about his job, the infamous bubbles incident and his views on the police state.

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  • Dave Moore

    Stupid Blond Bitch deserves everything she gets! Why do you want antagonize police officers when they are trying to do their job? How would you like it if someone showed up to irritate you while you where trying to do your job? Very Simple Minded people here …..

  • Dukee

    I’m glad I don’t live in Canada. Bubbles are used as a weapon up there? What do children do if they blow bubbles and hit a cop?
    If you happen to make bubbles while washing your dishes, is it a criminal offence ? If you was your car and make bubbles, will Officer Bubbles come and arrest you ? I guess a car wash would be considered “dealing” ?

  • أتابع الناصري. Keillor,Christopher

    Good going officer Joseph those antifa scum liberal snowflakes crying and weeping over the word ( NO) you’re not getting your way, now just remember sir you did swear an oath to uphold the Constitution before the word law was uttered your to uphold the Constitution before the law be a peace officer not a law enforcement officer then may God go with you even if you choose not honor your oath may God protect you and your family

  • Danny Coe

    O Man I Won’t Too Be On That jury. That Gives Her A Brazilian Dollars. For false arrest, slander, libel, defamation of character and anything else we can come up with!!!!! U Go Girl!!!!!

  • turboplazz

    What exactly is the purpose of your video?? What truth is it that you are pressing to find? Why do you have so much interest in this bubble scenario?

  • Jeff Ranger

    To be stuck with the nickname “Officier Bubbles” for over 8 years…..LOL Not mention to see yourself in youtube cartoons.

  • Gustavo dos Santos

    Young Canadians a bunch of stoners, gays and lesbians, do not like to work and love suck on the tits of government and Toronto police are fearful, have no balls to deal with crime, love give tickets for workers drivers and take pictures with tourists, just for that they serve.
    The city is in chaos in traffic and shooting and stabbing every day.

  • HyperViper

    No love for the people. The people outnumber police 50-1. The people should make police regret the choice to be against them.

  • D 416

    So this cop is threatened by fucking bubbles? The black cops are for the most part worst than some white cops!wtf dude! I’m black and this mofo is bitching like a sissy!

  • Tim Williamson

    Are you angry in life because you can’t satisfy a woman with your tiny cock? Do you like watching you woman be fucked by real men like Adam Josephs? You soy boy CUCK! lmao! I’m please get leukemia and pass away slowly in front of loved ones

  • Tim Williamson

    Update: “officer bubbles” A.K.A. Adam Josephs has been promoted and now a Sergeant with 51 division! Not that he couldn’t have retired from TPS with all the lawsuit money won over you demented leftist pigs who slandered him. He just wanted to keep doing what he is good at and give you all one big middle finger lol

  • William Butler

    Bubbles is a tiny insignificant coward of low life scum, and sorry to say his mother should have been slapped for ever giving birth to this contemptible waist of human garbage that ever walked the earth, but for those whom believe in God almighty, it is he who will judge this trash in the end, and be rejoiced that his soul will be tormented forever and ever Amen.

  • Big T

    Pmsl….. an officer afraid of bubbles… they hurt so bad. Guess in this day and age and all that shit lmfao

    What a fucking arsehole

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