What Happened In New Zealand Should Never Happen Again!

We quickly reflect on the events in New Zealand

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  • Corinne Fitzpatrick

    I’m so sad, this is a terrible tragedy. But I’m so tired of Everything being political. The ones that pulled the trigger are the only ones responsible.

  • Chance Paladin

    stop showing his fking face and his name, fk msm, so stupid. leaderboard mentality. Also his entire manifesto is a huge distraction. The guy was nuts, wanted a bodycount, and is trying to start a war.

  • Tobias Kay

    My country New Zealand is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.Whoever planned this is a coward and not welcome here. do not bring your insane illogical ideology into my country.

  • Rivers_of_Blood Marshal

    Horrible as this was, this event was created by our policy makers, who are replacing white people with non whites as fast as they can- in effect, there is a war on against whites. Stop the war, and stop the mass shootings.

  • Will Sadlier

    I live here and it was a full on day if you haven’t watched the live stream don’t you don’t want that in your head

  • ByAnyOtherName091

    A) “It’s wrong to blame all Muslims for the actions of a few Muslim terrorists. The gunman was wrong.”
    B) “It’s correct to blame all white people, all gun owners, and all Trump supporters for the actions of a few white, gun-owning, Trump-supporting terrorists. The gunman was right.”
    Choose one.

  • Ghetto Survivor Channel

    Wasn’t he stopped by a civilian with a gun? MSM fell right into this sick individual plot and to me this could’ve been created by either side…

  • Al

    I’m from nz – the politicising of this event explains the motive. We already have very stringent gun laws and now the current government wants to impose even more controls. The perp is an australian citizen that sporadically enters this country yet was still able to obtain a grade A gun license required to purchase semi auto’s which requires extensive background checks. He also travelled to pakistan and “other” countries. Was on no watch list after his “travels” to these countries. The majority of us smell something fishy. Coincidentally jon podesta was in our country a couple of days before this event.

  • Hussam Abolail

    To all of you out there who don’t know the truth. this terrorist attack came as a direct result of Scott Morrison’S anti immigration and islamophobic laws and rhetoric. The Triangle of racism and evil in Australia Scott Morrison, Tony Abbott and potato head Peter Dutton.

  • Michael Fumesta

    Say whatever you want be on whichever side of this is you want but one thing is unquestionable. Multiculturalism isn’t working

  • Zionist World Order

    His manifesto online that adresses Turks specifically and president Erdogan by namr as the vip enemy target is getting alot of coverage in muslim countries.

  • Michael Fumesta

    Personally I think it was a leftist false flag. He went way out of his way to try to “poison the well”.. that pewdiepie comment was beyond weird.

    Right wing people dont like communist China

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