Amazing Survival Story

WeAreChange recently got the opportunity to meet and Interview Joe Lozito, the selfless hero who put his life on the line. The story is only magnified when Joe finds out, that the NYPD was standing by watching everything unfold from the safety of the conductor’s door. Currently in a legal suit, the NYPD and City of NY are arguing that the NYPD has NO duty to protect its own citizens.

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Joe is petitioning Judge Margaret A. Chan to get his day in court against the NYPD. Please sign and share!

Special Thanks to for introducing us to Joe.You can read about the entire criminal case here:

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  • inkwell flood

    Shocking they actaully made it worse instead of helping and took the credit – Wow. The problems stems from way above the police.

    What a humble brave man , respect.

  • ChuckMothaEfenNorris

    When seconds matter the police are only minutes away. If you let the politicians remove and infringe on your right to bare arms this happens

  • Luis Gutierrez

    So they will kick a Holmes man out of the train station if he’s sleeping. But they won’t stop a attempt of murder?

  • JHOT247

    this guy who is a narc just decided to say yes to every news outlet that wanted to interview him, that’s not a hero that’s an asshole

  • musa abulawi

    It’s not all police who aren’t taking there job seriously or whatever the hell these cops are doing These days! You can’t judge all of them!

  • Rob Osborne

    That’s disgraceful, it’s showing more day by day the Policy Enforcers are their for the protection of Government’s & Corporations. The People are the Enemies they fight against for the Corruption of all Governments.

  • Chris Parlow

    Yes it’s true their is no law to protect you. It is back to well you can see what is going on now . Your life mean’s nothing to the system. Your just a peace of crap a slave in the system Lord’s eyes. This I’d the truth . Go to City Hall looks and laws and read for your self . I did !

  • 👸🏻Queen☆

    I’m in shock, guns are illegal in my country&most police are NOT armed (special response units/ drug units etc are but common police are not armed) but they still will step in. I know someone who is currently undergoing all the massive tests to make it into the police &this person is young, extremely intelligent(in fact family think it’s a wasted potential tbh), was a personal trainer so very fit, strong in body, strong in mind yet even though they passed the interview stage a yr on they’re still not guaranteed a job at the end . You wouldn’t believe the testing&training so far&even though they passed the interview, may not result in a job if they can’t keep getting through all the tests. I think what’s happening in the case of that new York case is they’re hiring ppl just as long as they pass the basic checks like – no criminal history, basic IQ, &from that I’ve seen of new York cops physical fitness &agility don’t seem to be a requirement. Also they seem to hire ppl who are not suitable to dangerous situations ie,ppl who are easily intimidated &or hv a nervous disposition which for such a large city like new York is so dangerous. I’ve seen in new York police officers who are morbidly obese, not sent for retraining like they should be every couple of yrs to check physical health, lack of empathy to the ppl they’re supposed to serve, lazy, and some are down right slow eg, some don’t appear to hv a basic high school education.
    It begs the question, are they really that short of applicants to the police that 2 officers faced with a man stabbing another on a train refuse to intervene even though they were fully armed with guns? You don’t need to be a tough guy if there are 2 of you armed with guns against 1 man with a knife.
    if I was a new Yorker I would be looking for a petition to get this matter investigated&the officer that basically watched an attempted murder whilst armed should hv been fired on the spot.
    if in my country half of the fully fledged new York cops tried for the police here they’d be failed on day 1.
    Shame on the new York police &Joe is deserving of huge compensation for himself, his family&for ultimately being solely responsible for the capture of that monster. Joe you’re a hero. God bless you and your family.

  • 👸🏻Queen☆

    My comment was so long but i wanted to say again, Joe you are the hero you are solely responsible for the capture of that monster. You definitely saved lives in saving your own(he would’ve kept going) you deserve HUGE compensation for you, your family&as a show to the ineptitude &sheer cowardice of the police.I am so happy you were able to survive firstly for you&ur family but secondly to shed a light on this gross negligent behaviour that so often ends in the death of the intended victim. God bless you and your family. I’m sorry it was you but in a way it had to be you so you could end this horror&bring this monster to justice.

  • anon. istari

    This story hurts deep. And since this occurred, things have only gotten worse. Humanity, where are you? Thank you Joe Lozito for sharing your day of horror. I just wish people would listen, understand, and stand up.

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