Fantastic Interview with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell Hour One – TRUST YOUR OWN MIND – 10/11/2012

Topics discussed are: The corruption of the education, political, and financial systems; the current breaking down of the control system, false flags and assassinations, the world power elite agenda, occult nazi technology, the cosmic war – advanced physics and alchemy, astrology, religion, morality and spirituality, cultural cycles, 2012 age of revealing, and how we are currently sitting at possibly the most significant major turning point in human history.

Please watch: “Canada, Trudeau, Cannabis, and the NWO Feat. Dan Dicks/David Whitehead”


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  • Virgin Mary

    If we think about self-education whilst viewing thought’s formed in our head and painting it on a canvas to understand what transpired. Wouldn’t that be a self-education in its self? Could we truly relate our feeling’s without reason to explain what resulted? That’s no revelation to the unlimited imagination.

    If we truly self-educated ourselves without a parental model to guide us. e.g. A baby being brought up by a pack of wolves with no other human contact.

  • Adastra Recordings

    Very interesting to hear Doctor Farrell break down the requirements to study Patristics, I was curious about that.

  • standingwest

    Like the enthusiastic and very genuine give-and-take style of the interview.  Sounds like two guys having a spirited conversation about a topic they both dig.

    Personally?  The last thing I need is another lecture.

    Keep bringing it…

  • CHistrue

    I would like to hear more specifics about Heaviside and Maxwell.  Laying out how Dr. Farrell believes Heaviside altered Maxwell’s equations, in specific detail, would be nice.  Also, a discussion of motives would be good.  Was the concern the usual resistance of physicists and empiricists to any discussion of infinities?

    As for the political aspect of this, I do find it a bit disturbing that the narrative seems to gear the viewer in favor of a New World Order that the US has been trying to implement for hundreds of years.  This might be unintentional on Dr. Farrell’s part, but it seems as though he has imbibed the Establishment’s claim that there are all these “rogue nations” about to get their hands on weapons of mass destruction and that we had better do something.  The side swipe at Israel, and by extension Hebrews, is curious when we remember that it was “ex”-NAZIS who infiltrated our national security establishment and took defacto control of the United States, far more than some supposed “cabal of Jewish Internationalists.”  Adding secret physics in to the mix only makes me more curious that much of what passes for a discussion of suppressed physics might be deliberately planted as deception.  .

    *I respect the mind of Dr. Farrell and find myself agreeing with him on a great many things.*  He is a step above the usual ranter and raver on these types of programs, the usual suspects who sell Ebola Remedies and other such nonsense.  At the same time, the potential for a lot of these ideas to be used in Superstition Psyops concerns me.  I believe the good doctor is honest, but possibly in need of other perspectives on this one.

  • Jennifer Grove

    Mr. Whitehead!
    Thank you for not being an interrupting jerk! Old Skool interviews are filled with too much façade, marketing and promo-talk left over from TV and radio which _the Internets are not!!!_ It’s like they don’t know that it’s okay to _look and sound_ like a normal person having a normal conversation.
    Good job and Thank you!!!

  • Paul Irving

    Dr. Farrell. Your background been in Western European history, kindly tell me – who devised White Supremacy / Racism and when?

  • Steve Misosky

    The Siddhartha Road: A quote from Buddha- “I have seen the Ancient way, the old road that was taken by the former awakened beings, and that is the path that I follow.”

  • Garry Mac an Tanaiste

    I thought that Germany’s economy recovered so dramatically during the 1930s because the Jewish Banksters were thrown out. Dr. Joseph P Farrell thinks that it was improved because the “Nazis” had some how discovered ancient mysteries.
    I also question his judgement, regarding Putin. He sets up the proposition that Putin is not connected with the mainstream NWO. And Iran wants an Atom Bomb? Fair dinkum?

  • truthseeker1020

    Bravo. Excellent interview. Farrell at his best. Great work, David.

    There are a lot of smart people in academia. But few of them are free to explore beyond proscribed boundaries into alternative fields, lest they lose their career.

    Joseph, relieved of said career (according to him), combines smarts plus imagination, and that’s worth everything.

    Thus his current career as a dot-connector supreme and author, though it may not be as secure as it would be if he was a tenured professor, is much more meaningful to those of us truly interested in what is going on here on planet Earth.

    Joseph is my favorite thinker, though I fully intend to do my own thinking. After all, that’s the goal, even as our progress rests upon the shoulders of those who’ve gone ahead of us.

    When all is said and done, Farrell’s shoulders will have ended up quite wide ;-)), even as he’s stood on the primary sources of many of history’s greats.

    Keep it up, y’all!

  • lns snl

    Free speech…. @David Whitehead_whats your view on youtube trolls? Being a youtube host and being a person whom here critiques free speech puppets.. what would you feel about someone challenging you in a respectful or disrespectful way here? I am fairly sure you have come across ppl on youtube whom have challenged your theories an ideals..has that made you want to block them..well…that would not be allowing free speech then?

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