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  • TrollinForTrumpCuh

    That’s like saying Kobe Bryant is my new Micheal Jordan.
    Jesse is Jesse
    Ron is Ron
    They aren’t variations of combinations of another person/people, they are just themselves.

  • roger8654

    I think it’s a conflict of interest for our politicians to meet at meetings with foreign heads of state, that’s just logical

  • Electrode High

    All your income tax goes to Large Private banks controlled by Bilderberg. in round numbers 50% of you earnings through direct and indirect taxation pays tribute to Bilderberg.
    as for their website its new, there has been a large movement to uncover “Berg” this website is their attempt at PR.

    watch MONEY MASTERS to see how they work. We live in a Plutocracy you vote for who they present you. They assassinate or destroy those who represent you.

    All politicians Are under their direct control.

  • Electrode High

    “Money Masters-full length” by Bill Still
    a logical film on the assent of money its 3 1/2 hrs in length somewhat dry but he tells it like it is. Fractional Reserve Banking. is the root cause of most global strife.

    I watched it 20 min at a time. and since then I have researched much in the area of reserve ratio banking and the guy is right. its a major scam.

    I can lead u to water but I cant make u drink, Id be a fool for not trying to help tho

    good luck

  • Spartaculus Jones

    Woodrow Wilson the Federal Reserve Act (1913). Richard Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard (1971). Ronald Reagan did away with the Sherman Anti-Trust Act (1981). Bill Clinton undid the Glass-Steagle Act and brought in NAFTA. Bush advocated permanent tax cuts. Obama did away with Posse Comitatus. They are all figureheads.

  • Don't tread on me

    yea jesse Ventura is Ben franklin and Thomas Jefferson is Ron Paul and James Madison is gray Johnson and samuel adams is andrew napolitano and George Washington is adam kokesh and alex jones is paul revere

  • Edgár Tóth

    i love jesse, and i am so sorry they had this conflict with david icke. i really think they would have ended up agreeing if they met under different circumstances.

  • TheCrazyGamer808

    Jesse Ventura said he will make a run for the Presidency if he can get ballot access in all 50 states and a spot on the presidential debates. If you want to show your support there is a petition online at petitions.whitehouse.gov that you can sign. Please do, it would help him gain access and allow him a chance to run. If he runs Im going to vote for him.

  • Astral 7ight / Astral Light 911

    ay Donald Marshall exposed the Illuminati.

    Don talks about Clones, Drones, Cloning Centers/Stations, Vril Lizards, Soulstone, “Selling Your Soul”, Atlantis, Roswell, Dulce, Disinfo Agents, Celebrities Covering One Eye, DUMBs, Aliens, Astral Plane/5th Dimension, MK Ultra, Reptilians, UFOs, Nostradamus and much more!

    Check Out:

    – his interviews on YouTube
    – Facebook.com/Donald.Marshall.148
    – DonaldMarshall.Proboards . com
    – VrilLizards.Webs . com

  • justaman6972

    see Dr. John Coleman and his seminar on the Committee of 300 and you’ll know who is behind this crap, yep it on YT, go look folks. Old money, yes from the 9th century but even older than that.

  • Graham PorterHill

    How can anyone move away from the real problems of any world problem, do they just start a war, they tried that, war of 1812, the Seven Yrs War, they were defeated and ordered back over to the East side of the Appalachian Mountains and driven out of Six Nations traditional Beaver Hunting Grounds of 1701 as per described in the Mitchell Maps of 1701. Along with France and their interests, claims on Six Nations Territories that includes the Eastern Gate, people.

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