Obama’s Top Adviser Robert Gibbs

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Luke Rudkowski attempts to question Obama’s Senior Campaign Adviser, Robert Gibbs on the Obama administration’s appeal to keep the indefinite detention provision. With no response, Luke later asks Robert Gibbs on how President Obama will defend having a secret list in the debates. Gibbs gives a standard response to the administration doing what it has to do to handle the threat of Alqaeda. Sierra Adamson then follows up by questioning if there is justification for Anwar al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old son who was an American citizen, to which Gibbs lays the blame on Anwar al-Awlaki not being a responsible father.

New York Time’s article on President Obama’s list: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/29/world/

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  • kid gloves

    there is a press conference video at the white house, where reporters were asking if there was any evidence to prove that anwar alwalaki and his father (not sure how to spell it) were involved with terorrism and the white house press secertary was ducking and dodging and they couldnt give an answer..  

  • Folke

    What an awful man! Let his family get a drone missile in their faces, let’s see what will be his stance.

    Those two drone murders just created 100 more anti-American jihadists!

    Why does the White House keep stirring up needless shit in foreign countries?

  • wovokanarchy

    Robert Gibbs sounds like the old southerner justifying a lynching of a black 16 year old who posed a threat to a white lady.  

  • hbk711x

    its ok to kill someon because of who their father it, what kinf od a tribal racist way is this sucmadvocating for.

  • cannapeas

    So if I decide that I am going to go overseas and kill someone in another country, that justifies them coming over here to wage war on America? Seriously. The justifications of politicians never align with morality. Because they are complete song and dance actors.

  • wakefulday

    With each word that is coming out of his mouth you can see how little of what is human has actually left in this poor being. It’s mechanical cover is programmed to repeat the same phrases, and is only confused when asked a serious question.

  • Adam Zigmond

    Robert Gibbs gave such minuscule answers for half of these questions. The American Government is corrupt in so many ways.

  • zingtea

    This wanton imperialistic violence is why we HAVE to put a Democrat in the White House! Swallow your pride and vote blue to keep Trump at bay!

    …What do you mean, the Obama administration did this?

  • Ulick Mikkeline

    I’d really love to get to quiz Obama himself on this. I’d tell him that he’s a war criminal, and as a criminal I’d put him in the place of Anwar al-Awlaki. I’d then ask him to imagine that not only is he targeted before due process, but his daughters as well, just in case if they turn out to be a threat like him. If he were to look at me with total disdain and disgust, and then voice his disgust, he’d prove my point. That’s how fucked up this was.

  • men bls

    I think the worst part about this whole thing is he was killed 2 weeks AFTER his father at a restaurant with his extended family.

  • RageMojo

    Time to hang every single one of these fucks from a tree. We need to wipe out anyone that even touches the oligarchy and start over.

  • Eros Hermes

    Fucking piece of shit…awlaki was murdered for criticising American crimes in the Muslim world. His son was murdered for nothing. Gibbs is a lying hypocritical piece of shit…. whites don’t respect anyone’s humanity except their owm

  • sidfor911truth

    Great work Luke and the other lady reporter you really cornered a rat who blurts out an admission that it’s ok to kill 16yo US citizens with rockets. Just have to pick a different father….that’s all. Smh.

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