Conditioning Canadians For The War On Terror

With the onslaught of recent “foiled terror plots” we have seen here in Canada, one would think that there is an ongoing threat from either outside forces or from radicalized homegrown domestic extremists as we are being led to believe. However in each and every circumstance there is a hidden hand at play and in its grip lies a sinister motive to generate the fear of an attack in the minds of the Canadian people.

Canadian “Foiled Terror Plot” And The Intelligence Community

Operation Smooth — The Canadian Connection to Global “Terrorism”

Bill S-7 And The Root Causes Of Terrorism

CSIS is Watching!

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  • Whymusicsonice

    the government dose the crime and blames the people …  KEEP PAYING YOUR TAXXES!!.. they need your money to use it agents you

  • Subjugated Sisyphus Sisyphus

    I watched this video twice and waited for a week to respond to it. I tossed and turned , thought about all the terrible things that our family has suffered from the extreme use of PROFUNC because of my father fighting in Spain and his friend Tim Buck head of the communist party of Canada. I even had my father tell me before he died that he found out that CSIS had put two of there members on the board of his airlines Crown Air and vetoed it at the 11 month from going on the TSE & VSE . He lost all his personal money from the sale of PCO pest control that he started in the fifties to hold that Airline together which was approximately 32 million ; kinda like we told you not to defy our authority” William Brennan” . The RCMP & CSIS have always been working outside the parameters of the law and possibly brake off groups within there departments. What pisses me off is that they did this based on a person’s personal choice of politics / socialism , communism and not based on organized crime or terrorism . Now that being said, are you still willing to discuss openly the security of our country when it comes to dealing with a very real close to home threat like Terrorism ? All i have expressed here is what policing can do based on a person’s politics and not what they would do to you or your group based on reporting about our security on Terrorism.

  • Terry Habzz

    Our Government should know that we Canadians don’t believe in this fake War on Terror. I am well aware of the false flags that are endless and they won’t con me one bit.

  • J.C. Nightwalker

    I know I’m watching this year’s after it was posted but with the crime that happened in Quebec and the threat of ISIS and Al Qaeda among other terrorists groups, I feel it’s important to be able to have all relevant info. Can we please remove Justin Trudeau from office, the way things are going, Canada will be the target of more violent terrorist acts.

  • Steve Johnston

    Good reporting, PFT. A video for the ages. Canadians will be watching this video forever. For all times. Thank you. Thank you for your vigilance, Dan.

  • Steve Ryan

    Great report, Dan. How all of this is not textbook entrapment is beyond me: then again, I’m quite aware of the role of the courts, cops, intelligence agencies, establishment media and politicians play. Our only hope is to wake up and end the state once and for all.

  • Pat Hacker

    Home grown by the domestic security forces. How “droll”! We need to open our eyes and minds instead of buying the establishment lines. This is convenient for these forces and ensures their funding. Let’s wake up. No wonder the “security/intelligence” industry is the fastest growing segment of Western nations. This industry has been growing phenomenally over the last decade. They are building huge complexes like no other industry and all under secrecy and national security throughout our nations under our domestic budgets and siphoning off funds from other needs.

  • mills jackson

    Think of the world like the “it”. We must stay clear minded to refrain thoughts of fear and limited understanding. We must put that mountain in the sea. Everything is in belief and practiced to seem real and without question, that makes us a lover of this world.. religion politics work you name it “Its all apart of a BELIEF system….

  • paul 22222222

    The ones to fear are the treasonous government ,police and justice departments they are the real cimminals wake up people before it’s too late don’t believe the lies! !!!!

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