FDNY Survivor Witness and Whistleblower Speaks

In this video, Luke Rudkowski interviews FDNY member Rudy. Rudy Dent – Vietnam veteran, a four-year member of the NYPD and thirty-two-year FDNY firefighter.

special thanks to https://www.facebook.com/ae911truth

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About The Author


  • Steve Upisleeve

    Rudy Dent is an excellent example of a stand-up American. He has integrity, courage, strength, devotion and patriotism coursing through his veins. He is a war veteran and public service devotee. I already knew of the evil 9/11 particulars, but to hear this man speak reminded me that there is still hope for the backbone of America so long as there are people like Rudy Dent in the world. I say, God bless him and the family that birthed him. Right on, Rudy, and don’t let them silence you like they did many other outspoken 9/11witnesses, God rest their souls. Props my man, major props.

  • Redlioness 2019

    I remember a video I watched weeks before 9/11 on you tube and I heard a Jewish Rabbi tell three other Jews “it is time!”
    He strongly insisted that something has to take place and that tone of his voice suggested that it was to be imminent.
    It was supposed to have been a secret message given to these other accomplices. I knew this wasn’t going to be good but I never knew what this Rabbi was declaring a sinister plot that would have accosted many lives that day of 9/11.
    I wish I could remember now who put that video out. But it was about these group of Jewish Rabbi’s in the USA discussing certain political affairs.
    Not 100% if it was about the twin towers…
    But there was a malice added into the context of this Rabbis statement to his accomplices, like he was ordering a particular agenda that had to be acted upon immediately.
    I hope I’m wrong on this one, but my senses tell me otherwise.

  • Sonof David

    It was an excuse to surveil the whole world and to further empower secret society and to put fear in every heart because this is what the devil and those who worship satan do. These are the same people who pass around children. G men or G Man connecting the dots for you when the world has lost its marbles.

  • brwilli6

    It should be painfully obvious to most by now that the official story is a lie. But here’s the thing: HOW it was done is not important! WHY it was done is what matters. As long as we squabble over the HOW, we’ll miss the WHY. Anyone truly interested in why this attack was carried out should read “Crossing The Rubicon” by Michael Ruppert. It will open your eyes to the geopolitical forces and financial interests that truly run the world.

  • Brian Reed

    Isn’t this guy in a different video, no shades, talking about flat Earth? Bahahahahaha what a scam all this is. Same guy, different video, different agenda. What a joke

  • Makaveli Justice for Tupac

    📰On (September 11th , 1991) president 🇺🇸(George HW Bush)🏛 would take out 💰$ 240 billion dollars of American War bonds ( DESERT STORM WAR 1991) 10 , year War Bonds. Collection date and authenticity of ownership was on 🛬(September 12 , 2001) Location of company (euro brokers) WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDINGS NEW YORK CITY 🛫As well as all the prior knowledge of insider trading on the Chicago stock market for purchases ( output stocks)🌎 As well as the document That was made up in 1997, (PNAC) (PROJECT FOR A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY ) 🇺🇸


    Anyone who still claims, that 9/11 wasn’t an inside job, are either part of it, or simply just to stupid to think, that their own government would’t dare, to kill off thousands of their own countrymen. Thank God for folks like this dude, who’s not afraid to take the bull by the horns, & tell the story that we all know to be true. 9/11 was to well coordinated & could have been stopped right from the get-go, however somebody high-up had a steak in this attack, especially those working for Halliburton & the intire Industrial Complex, not to forget the billions of missing dollars, that just disappeared without any oversigt from Congress.. Bullshit from beginning to end…..

  • Johnny Aingel

    Boy just looking at those names of the 3000 people who died that day brought tears to my eyes i watched it that day when i saw a 2nd plane crashed into the building in horror and disbelief untill the very end and i was so sad and angry about all that i saw on the television it and they will not be forgotten and i hope and pray the TRUTH will come out for the WORLD to see who was really behind this

  • Salim Pasha

    Nothing changes, I’m living in Pakistan America still killing innocent . what Chang . this is Jews country those who are living there are not more than insects .

  • George Clemenceau

    “White America” slaughtered in total 2,977 of its own….!, the white race is the most evil race on earth, period…

  • Steven Jobe

    While it is admirable that this man is speaking out in this way, it’s also true that he’s somewhat naïve. Right around minute 5:30 he said something about how “the mainstream media did the job of the government“ words to that effect about how it was journalism that brought the truth out rather than any government investigation. Well he could hardly be more wrong. The events in September 2001 and the subsequent wars all happened the way they did partly through the Absolute failure of the mainstream media to report the truth of what was going on.

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