General Wesley Clark Asked About 7 Country Plan

In this video, Luke Rudkowski ask’s General Wesley Clark about a speech he made where he revealed pentagon plans with seven countries in five years. Clark’s reaction speaks volumes as he does not say much and walks off when asked about Obama’s handling the countries mentioned in the Pentagon plan.

Watch Clark’s speech here

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  • Asad Rehman

    im surprised General Wesley Clark wasnt taken out when he mentioned this plan. As you can see they have shut him up for Good. No creadible person left in the US, shame..

  • Asad Rehman

    The US militry General should take control of US, remove politicians and congress, clean up all the mess created by the government. This is what happens in pakistan, every few years the militry steps in to clean the mess created by the governments.

  • Nicholas Clifford

    he’s probably been “compromised” … threatened or blackmailed. In times gone by, they set-up politicians with prostitutes or worse and then hold them hostage … he’s been told to keep quiet, you see a look of remorse, guilt and sadness on his face as he walks away.

  • Warbusted

    *A phone rings, number is registered in Arlington, Virginia.

    Hello? –Wesley Clark answers.

    “Listen Wesley” –the person on the other side of the phone line says,

    “There is no next time when it comes to your comments about the memo. There is no follow up answer. The fact that we are destroying Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, soon Iran and then Russia has nothing to do with the memo which as a matter of fact, DOES NOT EXIST”.

    But, but –Wesley tried to say something and was cut off.

    “Listen very carefully, one time and one time only you MotherF**kr. You speak other than 100% support for the peaceful enterprises of the greatest democracy in the history of the planet, and you and your family, one by one, will soon be meeting in heaven”.

    Sir yes Sir –Wesley answers with firm yet trembling voice.

    Good boy Wes. –And the phone call was terminated.

  • Warbusted

    The look he gives you at 2:43 when he’s walking away speaks for hours and hours of the fear for himself. He is even flabbergasted that someone has the balls to ask this.

    But we know they are not used to ask for the truth. Priceless! Thanks man.

  • Barkeroni

    Wesley was surely threatened after that little oopsies on stage. We should all thank the Rothschild family for sending our kids into these wars, thus enriching them and expanding their territorial grab in the mid east. Maybe one day we will all turn off the Rothschild owned media and wake tf up.

  • The Centrist

    Saying these things with “Clinton Global Initiative” all over the background in this building, it’s no wonder he is terrified.

  • Kelly ward

    We now know it was Dick Cheney who handed down the memo regarding America’s intent to invade 7 middle eastern countries in 5 years

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